3rd grade books made into movies reading feature

3rd Grade Books Made Into Movies

As I was getting read to go to the library and pick up the books to take pictures of for today’s post, I was surprised to learn how few 3rd-grade books made into movies there are. I barely have 10 books. Right now. If I’ve learned anything it is that studios are constantly adapting books into movies, so I’m sure that the next time I revise my Books made into movies list I’ll be adding more books to this 3rd grade list.

3rd grade books made into movies

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My usual caveat for my book and a movie list

I am collecting all books made into movies I can find. Even if I disagree with a book/movie I will add it.

I have not yet read all of the books on this list, I doubt I ever will because the list is ever-growing, and some I am just not interested in.

3rd grade books and movies

I have tried to move books that may have an easier reading level up to the maturity level a child needs to read the book. So while Book Thief has a reading level of 5th grade, the maturity level is more high school, so it has been moved up there.

If you catch something that you know the book is more mature than the reading level I have put it at, please let me know.

Now to my 3rd-grade books made into movies list.



I was quite surprised to learn a number of books I read in 3rd grade were actually 4th-grade books. So, I’ve monkeyed around with this list a bit to reflect changed opinions. This also goes to show grade level is not always the best indicator of when something should be read. Think of these books made into movies by grade level as guidelines, not rules.

more like guidelines
  1. Judy Moody    movie– we listened to some of the books for this series (Judy Moody book club and movie night)
  2. Stuart Little     movie– a classic (Stuart Little book club and movie night)
  3. Ramona books– This was one of our favorite movie adaptations it kept the feel of the books quite well (Ramona movie night)
  4. Doctor Dolittle    movie with Rex Harrison     movie with Eddie Murphy  (my kids are reading this one right now, yes it’s too easy, finished, and here is the Doctor Dolittle book club and movie night )
  5. Paddington    movie (I read this book a lot as a kid, Paddington Book Club and movie night)
  6. Nim’s Island    movie
  7. Mr. Popper’s Penguins  I loved this book, the movie had some of the same heart (Mr Popper’s Penguins book club and movie night)
  8. Fantastic Mr. Fox   movie (Fantastic Mr. Fox book club and movie night)
  9. Winnie the Pooh    movie
  10. The Bad Guys movie

I think 3rd-grade is the closest we have come to completing all of the books made into movies.

The movies I’m about to add in to our 3rd grade books made into movies

3rd grade books made into movies reading feature

I’m always on the lookout for more book and a movie combos I can suggest, and I’m in a couple of Facebook groups that suggest these frequently. I went through a couple of threads recently and found another 6 or so 3rd-grade books made into movies. There were a few others, but they were made for specific streaming platforms that have since removed them.


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