50 State Study: Indiana


In order of popularity with the kids:

  • Indie 500– let’s face it any activity that involves building with Legos is always a hit…….
  • Raggedy Ann and Andy– Who’d have thought designing paper dolls would be such a hit?
  • Creating a floating house– because my kids always like peg dolls, who doesn’t?
  • My Freedom place– looking back at this week, it was an amazing hit, all of these activities were popular


Indiana Unit resources

Hi, Future Ticia 2022 is coming in and updating this post so it’s actually useful. To do that, I’m adding in a whole lot. Basically completely rewriting the entire post.

Indiana websites and books

There are some times where it’s nice to have a simple geography week, okay this wasn’t one of them, but it was somewhat simple………

linking over to: Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns, and All Things Beautiful

or theoretically I will because I’m on a GREAT ADVENTURE now (who heard Steven Curtin Chapman start singing when I said that?)


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