Christmas Story Ideas

Christmas story

With Christmas coming faster and faster I’ve been thinking of all our Christmas Story Ideas.  I love playing games and making crafts for Christmas.  I love acting out the Christmas story with peg dolls.

So, I thought I’d gather all of our Christmas Story Ideas into one place to help me and anyone else reading this find some great ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Christmas Story Ideas how to point it back to Christ

Printable Christmas Story Ideas


play in a homemade Bethlehem

Play with the Christmas Story Ideas

Christmas Storybooks


Other Christmas Story Ideas

For more ideas check out my Pinterest boards:

Advent Christmas Story ideas

My Advent board is all about focusing Christmas on CHRIST.  How can we point back to Him.

Christmas ideas

My Christmas board is all of the other random fun stuff to do.  While Christmas is first and foremost about Jesus, it is still fun to add in a few silly details.