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Birth of Jesus lesson

birth of Jesus Sunday School lesson and crafts

Last week we got to hear all about how John the Baptist was born, and had a lot of fun with my Sunday School class trying charades.  This week in the birth of Jesus lesson we get to see the other side of the coin, how did everyone respond to Mary’s news and the birth of Jesus?

What I learn from the birth of Jesus

birth of Jesus Christmas story how Joseph's life was changed

Most sermons I see talk about how much Mary’s life was changed when the angel came to her.  But stop and think about Joseph’s life.  He was a man who always tried to live according to the Scriptures, and he’s found out his fiancée is pregnant.  Just after he’s decided to end the engagement an angel tells him this is God’s Son, so he stands by Mary.  Now everyone is going to look at Joseph differently, now he’s the man who got his fiancée pregnant.  He’s the man who doesn’t even have the guts to stand up and admit it.  Instead, he stands by and doesn’t say anything.

He’s also the man who adopted Jesus.  He didn’t have to, as a matter of fact, his life would have been infinitely easier if he’d walked away.  He chose to keep the engagement, and it was his choice.

Joseph is the unsung hero of the Christmas story.

birth of Jesus lesson craft

Now think about Jesus, all of this preparation points to him.  Jesus went from the ultimate authority and power in the universe to a baby in diapers.  We marvel at Mary’s willingness to follow God’s will, and Joseph following through on his promise to Mary, but we don’t usually marvel at what God did.  As part of His great plan for rescuing us, the Creator of the World came down and became one of us.  He wore diapers and slept in a rough box.  I read that and wonder what can I ever do in comparison?  Nothing.  And that’s what makes God’s love such an amazing gift.

Birth of Jesus lesson crafts and activities

I have tons of ideas for a birth of Jesus craft, varying in possibility in a Sunday School class.  this first one is the most easily accomplished.

birth of Jesus Sunday School lesson

First, pull out all of the walnuts from your mixed nuts bowl and carefully crack them.  Kudos if you’re already listening to Christmas music (this is an Amazon Prime playlist, I’m constantly listening to these, as a matter of fact I am as I write, try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial*).  As a side note, this was originally going to be done using egg carton, but I’d used them all up for my Parable of the Pearl craft.

baby Jesus walnut craft: walnut shells, fabric scraps,Sharpies* (I love sharpies, but obviously in a Sunday School you might use markers),yellow yarn* (I used brown because my yellow yarn is missing), baby peg dolls (I order mine from here in bulk, but you can also get them from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s)

baby Jesus walnut shell craft

It’s fairly straightforward.  Cut yarn into small pieces, color baby Jesus, wrap him in fabric, and then voila!  You have a cute little baby.

Birth of Jesus lesson resources

I may have said there’s a fair amount for the birth of John the Baptist, but it pales in comparison to Jesus, here are 4 of the first ones I found on my Pinterest board.

Check out the rest of the Christmas Story unit, or see what happens when the shepherds and wise men come to visit.

birth of baby jesus craft Christmas gospels Advent New Testament


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  1. Baby Jesus – both the peg doll and the illustration – is adorable. Thanks for reminding me that I want to make a peg doll nativity set for the kids…

    1. We need to remake our city, in a fit of “Too much stuff” I threw out the entire town last year.

  2. Babies ARE universal power of the Universe 🙂 Where would we be without them. Great lesson!

    1. Getting a lot more sleep?

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