Bluebonnets while in Quarantine

It’s a bit of a strange time for sure, usually at this time you’d see people out taking bluebonnets pictures. People would be traisping out into the wildflowers and you’d see cars pulled over on the side of the road to take pictures. If there was one activity that fits quarantine, this would be it, since all that you need for this is your family and a camera (or let’s be honest our phones). But, I didn’t see that this year.

Instead when we went out and pulled over on the side of the road one afternoon, it felt like we were breaking the law. There wasn’t a thing about what we were doing that was, but it still felt like it.

It was all a bit surreal.

I also discovered something on this trip. Apparently if someone is taking pictures of me, I end up squinting, now that may be because my prescription is a bit out of date, and so I may be squinting a bit more than usual.

I also have a new goal for these pictures. Next year my goal is to go out and get bluebonnets pictures without Superman getting injured. This year he had a terrible poison oak reaction and so it hurt for him to sit, and stand, and do anything. This is the closest I could get him to smile.

Of all my kids, he does seem to be the one most likely to get injured, so I guess that does reflect his personality.

But this is a perfect picture for Princess right now. It’s not too clear, but she’s got some fake elf ears on that she bought at Ren Fest this year, that she wears a large portion of the time. The t-shirt is a Christmas present from her aunt, and she LOVES it. It includes her love of fantasy AND coffee. She’s trying to grow her bangs out right now, so her left eye is covered about half the time.

This is what Batman picked to represent him now. His manta ray shirt that he’s had for years, but is finally grown into, and his Mac hat. When he got the news of Mac’s cancer he bought a custom baseball cap with a miniature schnauzer on it. I rather like this picture of him.

This is what happened when I had Jeff getting a picture of me. I had photo bombers. Maybe they’re time-travelling velociraptors.

That joke only really makes sense if you’ve seen the test questions I write.

I tried to get a picture of just me and the boys, and then me and the girl, but poor Superman just wasn’t having a good day.

We compromised to get a picture of all of us together, and let Superman be in the back which hides most of his pain, but I felt for the poor guy, so I sent him back to the car while Jeff got a few last pictures (that are up above).

Then I tried again

Because I really wanted a picture where you could actually see my eyes, because pretty much every picture looked like my eyes were closed and I was squinting.

So I had Princess take pictures over and over again, and I kept looking like I was squinting at the camera. Finally as a joke I took several selfies.

Suddenly my eyes were open.

Sigh, I miss those glasses. I broke them on Friday, and my backup glasses are just not the same.

Then I had Princess try again, and she spent the whole time making fun of me, and again I was squinting, so I just gave up. I’m perfectly willing to laugh at my ridiculousness. But I know when I’m throwing good photos after bad, to paraphrase a phrase.

All that to say, now it’s time to update my About Us page with new pictures and correct ages. I always wait until bluebonnets season, so I can have a new picture of all the kids.

10 Years of Bluebonnets

Ya’ll this blog is 10 years old, and that means I’ve got 10 years of bluebonnets pictures!

And here’s the prior years of bluebonnets



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  1. Gosh, I can’t believe how big the kids are getting. I loved your Bluebonnets series over years. Hopefully, Superman feels better soon!

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