Old or New Testament race books of the Bible game Bible tools

Old or New Testament race

I’ve found any time you can get kids moving and running around, instantly they are more interested in the Bible lesson. That’s why I’m excited about today’s Bible game, I’m calling it Old or New Testament race, it makes a great books of the Bible group game to play with your Sunday School class.

Old OR New Testament race, a books of the Bible group game

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What you need for the Old Or New Testament race

book of the Bible printable (you can get it for free if you subscribe to the newsletter), small boxes (or Solo cups), blue tape, sharpie

Setting up your game

prepping for the old and new testament race

So you don’t have to buy containers for every single game like this, grab your blue tape and tear off two pieces. On the first write Old Testament, and on the second write New Testament. Then stick it on your containers.

There are two different ways you could go with this, and I’ve done this both ways. First you could make a set for each group, or you could have just one set and make each team’s set different colors.

Grab your paper cutter (and I seriously love mine, I broke the first one, I forget how, and bought a second one), and cut out your books of the Bible cards. I tried printing them out two pages per printable page, and they turned out just a little smaller than I’d like, so I’d recommend keeping it to the usual size.

You could also sit there with a pair of scissors and cut the cards out while you watch TV. I’ve certainly done that more than once.

Next choice, will they be doing all the books of the Bible or a subset?

This can totally be determined by how much time you have, and if you only have time for each kid to run once, only give them 6 cards for the team.

how to play old and new testament race books of the bible group game

I keep four copies of the books of the Bible cards (each printed on a different color of card stock) with my Sunday School stuff, so I divide kids into 4 groups whenever I play games like this.

Then I line them up behind an arbitrary line at the back of the classroom (if you have a minute or two before class you could put down a blue tape line so they know exactly where it is).

Old or New Testament race books of the Bible game Bible tools

Then I put the cups on the other side of the room on the floor. If I’m using a larger container and only one set for the entire class, I might put it on a table if there’s one convenient.

You have to understand, I taught for 10 years in a gym with fabric dividers to make up our room. So, there was a lot of improvising going on depending on what was in the classroom that week.

At this point it’s just a relay race

You know, everyone line up, run down put it in, and run back tag the next kid. I always made the entire team sit down so I could tell which teams thought they were done.

It makes for a great book of the Bible group game because everyone gets so excited and involved in the game as they cheer each other on.


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  1. That’s a clever scripture review game.

  2. I love this idea!

  3. I love these very simple Books of the Bible cards. They don’t take up tons of extra ink with pictures, but they have a very quick overview of each book. I am looking forward to using these in my Kids Class Extravaganza this summer. I love the idea for the fun games that also will subtly teach. Ticia has great customer service as well. I had a problem with downloading the file and she personally got back to me the next day.

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