Building Christmas Memories

This has been a year for continued traditions and building new ones.

Nutrcracker memories

For the first time ever Princess and I went to the LIVE Nutcracker.  Previously we’ve always gone to see it at the movie theater as part of Fathom Events, this was a pretty special treat that we both really enjoyed.  It was made more special by both of us having just gotten over being sick.

making Santa cookies

We finally finished making Santa cookies on December 23.  It was way late in the game, but I felt happy to see it.

saying bye to Miss Tami

We also said good-bye to one of my best friends, Tami.  She moved up to Iowa for college, and we will hopefully see her again come this summer when she comes back for the summer.  But, it still was rather hard.

Saying good-bye is not a tradition I really want to start, and I’ve said a few too many over the past month, and have more still to go.

Fun at Christmas

But my absolute favorite Christmas tradition is how we’ve taught our kids to give.  For the past several years, since Princess was 3 I think, the kids have gone out and bought a Christmas present for their brothers and sister, and one for their parents.

Christmas memories

We borrow my Mom and she takes a kid, and then Jeff and I each take a kid, and we help them pick presents for their siblings.  Then one day during December I take all 3 kids to buy a present for Jeff, and he does the same for me.

It can lead to some really odd presents, like the time I was given a Batmobile model.  But, it’s also lead to some of my favorite presents that are very dear to me.

teaching how to give

Since we’ve been doing this so long the kids are just as excited to see other people open presents as they are to open their own.  They can’t wait to see how people will react to the present they gave.  Then they eagerly cuddle up to get a picture with the person who just opened the present.  This means lots of posing for pictures, and opening takes a little longer, but I think it’s worth it.

reason for Christmas

And all of this gift giving helps us remember the first present given at Christmas.  See over 2000 years ago God gave the first best present, HIS SON, he came down as a little baby so one day He could die for our sins.


It’s an amazing thing to remember.  I have a few more Christmas memories to share with ya’ll, but I’m gonna leave today’s post here.  I’ve got a few brand new games to play, that I haven’t had a chance to play yet.  I’ll see ya’ll later.


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  1. maryanne @ mama smiles Avatar
    maryanne @ mama smiles

    I hate hate hate saying goodbye…

    Your Christmas sounds nice! I love that Princess brought her new doll doll to the ballet. Emma really wanted to see The Nutcracker this year, but with the move it just didn’t happen. I need to take her next year!

    1. I do too, it’s been a hard year for that, and I have one more really big hard good-bye coming in a month I just found out about this weekend.

      Emma will love it when you go! This was a surprise treat from Jeff, and it was so wonderful to do. It made me happy she brought her new doll too.

  2. That is a great Christmas tradition. We have a similar thing with our Secret Santa drawing of names and buying of gifts.

    1. I think if we had a few more kids we’d probably do the Secret Santa thing also. One of my friends does that with all of the cousins, each cousin draws a name of a different cousin and MAKES them a present.

  3. It’s hard to say “goodbye” to friends. It looks like you recovered just in time to enjoy your Christmas. Hopefully things will settle down for you in 2014!

  4. Goodbyes are never almost never fun! But new games at Christmas…well those are pretty well always fantactic…which ones did you get?

    1. I got 3 games:
      Fearsome Floors- you’re in a mad scientist’s house and are trying to get out before the monster eats you. We’ve played it several times and it’s a lot of fun.
      Lemming Mafia- you’re in the mafia and betting on which lemming will make it to run off the pier first. We played a round last night and it looks really funny
      Batman Strategy game- You’re playing one of the major villains and are trying to take over Gotham City. We started to play it last night, but our friends had to go home, it looks interesting, but the kids are NOT ready for it yet. Lots of strategy and reading involved.

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