Day of Creation mural for Sunday School

Days of Creation mural



Sometimes I love to do messy crafts or BIG crafts. They can be a great way to get lots of interaction and allows space for everyone to add something to the craft. If you’re doing this Days of Creation mural in your Sunday School class, I’d prepare the paint part ahead of time. It’s a great Bible lesson and a fun way to review the Creation story with your kids.

Days of Creation mural great for Sunday School or a children's Bible study #kidmin #sundayschool #biblecraft

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Days of Creation mural supplies

chart paper roll, poster paint, Creation story unit bundle (there are printable instructions in the Creation Story Unit and the images for the craft are in the Creation Bingo game), scissors, glue stick

Let’s make this Days of Creation mural!

I’ve typed out the instructions step by step in the Creation story unit. So, I’ll just put the general gist of how to do it here.

putting together day 1 of Creation mural

Day 1

I thought this one was fun because I just made a big mess of orange and yellow in the middle of black and swirled it around until I liked the look of how the light bursting out of the darkness looks.

Day 2

step by step of putting together day 2 of Creation mural

Okay, this one was also really fun to do. I dropped a mess of blue, purple, and green on the bottom to try and simulate the different colors of the ocean, and blurred it all together. Then the blue and purple were blended together with just a bit of white for the sky. I made a wave go up into the sky.

When the paint is dry, I added a few of the Days of Creation Bingo clouds.

Day 3

Day 3 of Creation mural

On the bottom half of the Day 3 segment put a lot of green and just a little bit of brown, blend those two together to create the grass.

Then paint your trees. I painted brown trunks, and spread out some brown branches. I added green blobs to create the leaves.

I could have added flowers in. This would be a great place to make thumbprint flowers.

Day 4

Day 4 of the Creation mural step by step

I liked making Day 4, and yes I’ve said this every day so far. In a top corner swirl together a yellow and orange blog to create the sun. Then in the opposite corner create a crescent moon, using the yellow/orange from the moon. Add a bit of gray to make the moon a bit darker since it only reflects the light of the sun.

Then dip the tip of the paintbrush into the paint and make dots for the stars.

Day 5

Day 5 of Creation mural with super detailed person

I blended together a mostly blue and green blob to create the ocean, and then a little bit of green for grass.

When that was dry I glued on the various swimming and flying creatures I liked from the Bingo game. I picked out my favorite ones, because there were quite a lot.

Day 6

how to put together day 6 of the Creation mural

Day 6 blends a bit into Day 5, but there is a slight difference in the grass color between Day 5 and Day 6.

I dropped mostly green, but a bit of yellow, and just a tiny bit of brown to blend into the grass color.

When the paint was dry I glued on various land animals I liked. Obviously the sizes are not at all to scale, which is a bit hilarious in some ways.

Day 7

Day 7 is empty because God rested on Day 7, so make sure when you’re planning out your mural that you leave empty space for God to rest.

Days of Creation mural for Children's Bible study

I love how this Days of Creation mural turned out, it’s such a fun project to do, and would make a great review lesson. As I was typing this up, I was realizing you could also split kids into 6 groups and let them put together the Day of Creation they were assigned.

Wow, this was a very image-heavy post in comparison to the number of words I have in here, but I guess that makes sense with how simple the project is if you can see the images.

Day of Creation mural for Sunday School

Some more great Bible lessons

Days of Creation mural #kidmin #SundaySchool #biblecraft


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  1. I love your mural. Especially day 1.

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