days of creation popsicle stick puppet Bible Genesis Old Testament

Days of Creation popsicle stick puppets

When I made my Days of Creation Bingo I started brainstorming ways to use it beyond just a bingo game. I started brainstorming and then I remembered the very first What’s in the Bible DVD and their popsicle stick theater. I loved those segments, it was made all the more fun as Phil Vischer and all the other puppets groaned in pain. It made me laugh and I knew what I HAD to do, I have to make some Days of Creation popsicle stick puppets, and thus they were born and it became a brand new Bible lesson.

Days of creation popsicle stick puppets for Sunday School and homeschool Bible lessons

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That What’s in the Bible DVD

Apparently, the first 5 DVDs are a bundle now

But, that particular segment is up on YouTube.

I like how the story is told, it gives you the idea of how the story goes, just perfect for younger kids. The humor makes me laugh.

So I was inspired and I wrote my own version, minus the long discussion on how to illustrate God, which has some surprisingly good theology in that discussion.

Also, Phil Vischer got complaints about the “Big Bang” joke. It’s a shame, it’s funny.

“They didn’t have any clothes, so they had to stand behind bushes whenever anyone took their picture. You know for Kid’s Bibles and stuff.”

Bwa ha ha ha, great humor.

Make the Days of Creation Popsicle Stick Puppets

Supplies: popsicle sticks, which I guess are now called craft sticks, though I do remember eating popsicle sticks and saving all those popsicle sticks so your projects would have weird colors.

days of creation popsicle stick puppet Bible Genesis Old Testament

But I digress.

You also need glue, I have a half gallon of glue from the Harry Potter birthday party and then various decoupage projects, which does not pour out in small dots, it’s large messy globs, so I poured mine into a small condiment cup and painted my popsicle sticks.

Finally, print it out on card stock, this is just my personal preference because they hold up so much better, but if you’re not planning on keeping it long term you can easily just print it on normal copy paper.

Now the script for the skit and the words for the days of creation song are both in the Days of Creation Unit. You’ll save money buying the Days of Creation bundle and getting it all together as well as a card game, the black and white and updated color version of the story.I came up with the idea for the popsicle stick theater after publishing the Bingo game, so I put it all in the Unit.

Putting together the Days of Creation popsicle stick puppets

assembly line construction of the puppets

I cut out the mini versions of the pictures, and while I could have left them as squares, I like the look of a vague blob outline around the pictures.

Lay out all your popsicle sticks in a nice line, and have your pictures all cut out. Pro tip: cut out the pictures as you watch a TV show, it’ll take about the space of a sitcom or maybe an hour-long show if you’re not consistently cutting (if you use a paper cutter and just leave squares it’s like two minutes, I’m apparently a masochist).

putting together the days of Creation popsicle stick theater puppets

Put a drop of glue on the top of each popsicle stick and then smash a picture on each one. I admit when creating the different pictures I leaned a lot more heavily on the animal side of things because most kids are going to like those more.

Days of Creation Song

So, if you don’t know the Days of Creation Song, this is a simple song preschoolers can learn, and sing, and your musical ability really doesn’t matter.

The way I’d do this would be to hand each kid two of the Days of Creation popsicle stick puppets (puppets, not puppers), and when the day they are holding is sung, they enthusiastically wave it.

It gets the kids involved and moving. Always a good thing for little kids.

More Bible fun, some involving popsicle sticks

Now that I think about it I have quite a few Bible crafts involving popsicle sticks, at least two or three others.

Days of Creation Popsicle stick puppets


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  1. Cute. I could see young kids loving this.

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