December 2019 week 1 9th

December 2019 in Review

December has been an emotional roller coaster, and January is probably going to be that exact same emotional roller coaster.

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Week 1 of December

December 2019 week 1

I am actually writing this as the week ends, which is rather shocking. This has been a rather tumultuous week.

I started off this week with the hint of a cold, but mustered through to go to the 1917 press screening with my brother. If you get a chance, I highly recommend going to see it.

I got a whole slew of new tea diffusers, and they quite amuse me. I then used one of them to follow the directions for my son’s Write Shop how to assignment. That was their last writing assignment for Writeshop, and I was quite amused by what they chose to direct me how to do: make a breakfast shake, make a cup of tea, make a paper envelope (using origami).

Princess had her birthday party, it was quite amusing to see them all play together, even if it didn’t go quite how she wanted because several friends weren’t able to come, and another went home early because she was sick.

The bottom right picture is Princess giving her Native American report, she chose to report on the Iroquois, and that’s the outfit she made of their native dress. It was quite a lot of fun to watch.

There’s no picture to go with this, but I got the news on Thursday, our dog Mac has cancer and has 3-6 months to live. We told the kids on Friday afternoon, and they’re trying to process that right now.

Then Friday night we had friends over and played The Captain’s Dead, and then Fantastic Beasts Perilous Pursuits, which once we got things figured out was a lot of fun to play.


December Week 2

December 2019 week 2 9th grade high school

My boys have solidly hit the “don’t take my picture stage,” so I have no pictures of them this week. Then there’s the fact we had lots of things centered around Princess this week, so it’s an all Princess pictures week.

We started off the week with a field trip to Zilker Botanical Gardens with our co-op. We changed the date at the last minute from Tuesday to Monday, so we lost half the people who were going to come, but we still had around 15 people there. It was really cool to go on a organized tour and hear all about how it was built and more details like that.

Princess had a friend spend the night the day before who is new to homeschooling, and joined us for the field trip, this resulted in her being way too hyper and painting her entire arm with water colors. So much fun to see this.  So much fun. Especially with her giggling like a mad woman.

The kids took over moving around the Wandering Wisemen, so this week they slept one night in Princess’ Irogquois longhouse. It cracked me up to find them like this.

Friday, Princess’ friend, Princess, and I went down to the Texas State Cemetery to prepare for Wreathes Across America, it’s an amazing charity that puts wreathes on the grave of every serviceman in the cemetery. This year there were so many wreathes sold, they were able to put wreathes on every person in the cemetery.

Then on Saturday we went back down there, and took part in the ceremony, and then put the wreathes out all over the cemetery.

We followed up that night with going to see Penfold Theater’s Radiocast of It’s A Wonderful Life, we all quite love going, and it was a blast to see them act out that story with a small cast playing so many different actors.

December Week 3

December 2019 week 3

It made me laugh when Batman decided to take a walk wearing his cow pajamas and his Greymane coat I made him for Halloween last year. The kids rather forced him to take a picture.

I did a bit of housekeeping I’ve been meaning to do and switched out the picture from a second one of the boys being messy little kid eating to a messy Princess little kid eating.

We had our 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea movie night. I was particularly amused by my non-subtle sub sandwich snack.

We played a round of Shadows of Brimstone with some friends, and it went horribly horribly bad. So badly, we had to stop mid-mission because we kept getting more and more bad guys, and we didn’t even get through the second room.

And our Wandering Wisemen got lost in the refrigerator again.

Who knows why they wandered in there.

December 2019 Week 4

December 2019 week 4

Because of the oddities of this December, we had a lot of Christmas traditions that we didn’t get done until way late in December, like decorating Santa cookies. We finally got them decorated less than a week before Christmas, which was a huge disappointment to me, but it all turned out okay in the end.

We had our annual Christmas with our various families locally and up in Dallas. It was cool to see Princess working on teaching her Nana origami. She has been going crazy for origami and got large amounts of paper given to her, both official origami paper, and unofficial scrapbook paper.

It’s been interesting to see how each child has reacted to Mac’s cancer. Batman has been cuddling Mac quite a lot, and is surprisingly upset about it. He asked for a picture of Mac to have, has ordered a baseball cap with a schnauzer embroidered on it, and wanted a Mac ornament. Princess also wanted a Mac ornament, but oddly Superman didn’t want one. However he was disappointed when his siblings got one in their stocking, but he didn’t. So we had to make an emergency run to the Hallmark store to get him an ornament

He’s really deteriorated over this month. He doesn’t really walk anymore, and he used to love taking miles long walks. He can’t really jump now, we’ve got a doggy stairs (on loan from my Mom) for him to climb up onto the couch. We’re trying to get him to eat, but he’s not really eating.

I don’t have pictures, but we spent New Year’s Eve watching the Firefly series, we got through most of the show, but didn’t quite finish it before.

And with that, we finish out the year! Happy New Year!


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  1. I am so sorry about Mac – this is not the news one wants, especially close to Christmas. Our December was also somewhat stressful. Princess reminds me a lot of A – A is also crazy about origami right now and prone to draw on herself when overstimulated. Happy New Year and hoping that your January is less stressful.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Mac. That’s hard.

    I didn’t blog much in December either. It was a busy month.

    1. Thanks. It was a seriously hard month.

      December is so busy, it’s kind of amazing how busy it is.

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