Fall of Jerusalem lesson Ancient history Ancient Mesopotamia unit

Fall of Jerusalem lesson

The Fall of Jerusalem lesson is an easy one to make hands-on, all you need is a large supply of Legos and some willing helpers, oh, and a Bible or maybe your Sunday School lesson.  All I know is my kids always love when we have a Lego History lesson, and they can run to get Legos for our homeschool history lesson.

The Fall of Jerusalem to Babylon as told by Legos

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Future Ticia pops into this Fall of Jerusalem lesson

I have since I first posted this redone the Fall of Jerusalem lesson since we cycled back to Ancient History and Mystery of History 1, so I’m going to add in the elements from our second lesson as relevant.

Hi, Future Ticia 2023 here, I’m updating yet again and so now I’m adding in a few more bits and pieces here as well.

Fall of Jerusalem lesson building


Fall of Jerusalem lesson resources

As I mentioned, we used and then followed up with the (when completing in 3rd grade)

  • Mystery of History 1
  • LEGO minifigures– it’s sad LEGO is discontinuing sets like this which are so good for educational purposes
  • notebooking pages (used when completing this lesson in 3rd grade)
  • Ancient Mesopotamia Unit- I have to finish this, but I have my own notebooking pages I used when we were in middle school and high school

And here are a few YouTube videos, one thing not possible when I first wrote this lesson in 2011.

This next video is more from a Biblical history perspective.

And this one is from Jerusalem Watch, which is interesting to me.

If you are ever looking this up on your own make sure to phrase it as Siege of Jerusalem 587 BC, you have to add in the date because there are at least 3 more events that could be called the Siege of Jerusalem or Fall of Jerusalem.

Sadly I don’t know of any particularly good picture books for this topic.

fall of Jerusalem history lesson

Back to what I was saying

My kids are rather enamored with acting out their history with Legos.  They ask to do it every single lesson.  Which doesn’t always work out.

But, this time it did, and I accidentally chose a Lego board that was perfect for the fall of Jerusalem.  I’ll say it was on purpose.

The Fall of Jerusalem lesson (as acted out by Legos)

Fall of Jerusalem walls built

The Babylonians came to attack Jerusalem.  But, they didn’t know that Jerusalem had an interior water supply, so it was very hard to defeat them.

Fall of Jerusalem Hezekiah's tunnel

The second time around we stopped the lesson to look up the well Hezekiah had built and how long the tunnel was (the second picture has a glare, sorry about that).

Fall of Jerusalem captives carried off

Finally they were successful in defeating part of Jerusalem, but they did not completely knock down the walls.  They carried off many of the Israelites to Babylon.

Fall of Jerusalem lay siege to the city

They attacked a second time, and more people were carried off, but they still did not successfully defeat Jerusalem.

Fall of Jerusalem walls destroyed

Finally, on the third try they were able to defeat and destroy Jerusalem.  They carried off all the treasure and kept it in their storehouses.

Fall of Jerusalem puppet kings

Along the way, after the first siege, Babylon installed two puppet kings: Jehoaichin and Zedekiah.  They were still kings of Judah but they had to do what Babylon wanted.

We talked about them more the second time around than we did the first.  It’s amazing the difference between two kids in K and 3-year-old and two 3rd graders and a 1st grader.

Fall of Jerusalem names to listen for

The second time around we also filled out one of the Mystery of History notebooking pages  (oh wait, it does, just my original link no longer worked) for the lesson.

The kids are slowly adapting to writing more and more as they go through the lessons.

Fall of Jerusalem lesson Ancient history Ancient Mesopotamia unit

Extending this lesson for older kids

Topics for older kids to research:

  • Hezekiah’s tunnel
  • how sieges are done
  • Nebuchadnezzar (obviously)
  • puppet king or client kingdom
The Siege of Jerusalem as told by LEGO

Future Ticia 2023 added an actual proper Pinterest image, and now I’m about to add in some other lessons you might be interested in.

Some more ideas to think about

I added six ideas, so I had two ideas from each grade we covered this lesson.

Fall of Jerusalem history lesson for kids

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  1. MaryAnne Avatar

    That IS the perfect lego platform! Great Bible history lesson!

  2. What fun! I love the well.

  3. An Almost Unschooling Mom Avatar
    An Almost Unschooling Mom

    Great lesson! I love it when accidents add extra touches to a lesson – you really couldn't have chosen a better platform if you had planned it.

  4. It's amazing how many unintended perfect lessons and activities I have stumbled upon myself. Isn't it great?

    Nice lesson!

    Can you come to my house and teach me all of these blogging tips?

  5. I love teaching with Legos. Your Jerusalem looks almost like a real one, but where exactly is the temple?

  6. Oh yes- Legos- make any bible or History lesson fun!

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    Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    I love your Lego re-enactments, and I bet your kiddos do too!!

  8. This is such a neat way of teaching the bible story. So hands on and colorful too. Great job!

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    I think this is such a fun way to engage your kids in a history lesson. Like your blog button table.

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    Lego is so much versatile and looks like you all had a lot of fun acting out the defeat of lego Jerusalem! 🙂

  11. Very clever! My little guys would love this!

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