France picture books

France books for kids

This fall we studied France, and our library had a plethora of France books for kids.  So many in fact that I hit my check-out limit.  This meant we had a fabulous homeschool geography lesson, and I was in seventh heaven as we read these glorious picture books for our France Unit.

picture books about France

Because there were so many, I will divide my France books list into different types (also all of these Amazon books are affiliate links).

PS: I’m adding this to my Ultimate list of booklists

France books for kids: art and artists

French artists and musicians picture books

I was amazed at the sheer number of famous artists from France.  I eventually limited the number of artist books I checked out so my entire study of France wasn’t just artist studies.

France books for kids: historical figures and events

France historical picture books

France books for kids: fiction

Fiction books about France

France books for kids: sights to see and informational


10 responses to “France books for kids”

  1. What a FABULOUS selection of books!! I’ve book marked this, because although I’m not planning to do France anytime soon, I am certain it will be useful to return to at some point!

    1. I loved our France books, our library had a really amazing selection.

  2. What an awesome round up! Your library rocks! Perhaps I should read some before we head out to France this summer – oh, wait, after all, I lived there 🙂

    1. It really does, it’s seriously an awesome library.
      France this summer? That is seriously cool.

  3. Wow, you found a lot of books I haven’t read! I am not wowed by our local library, but I will see how many of these I can find.

    1. It was the best haul of library books I’ve had in a long time.

  4. I just found your blog on Bloglovin (and followed it)… I was thrilled to see this list! My middle son is studying France right now so this list is perfect!!

    1. Glad to have you along! And stoked I had good timing for your son.

  5. Ticia, did you blog about your science project and the home under the sea, from the Jacques Cousteau book?

    1. I’m publishing it tomorrow, your post gave me the incentive to get off my bottom and get it done.

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