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Isaac and Rebekah lesson



This lesson isn’t officially in our 2 year Bible curriculum, but it’s a fun lesson, and Princess has been on a bit of a true love kick, so I thought I’d indulge her, I ended up needing an extra lesson for Genesis to make the timing fit for my Sunday School class.  So I present to you: Isaac takes a wife story and activities.

marriage of Isaac and Rebekah lesson

Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah told with flannel board (because I can)

When last we saw these crazy kids, Isaac had been born, Abraham had followed what God called him to do regardless of the cost, but God showed His great love and mercy (yes, all of that in one lesson)

Isaac and Rebekah Sunday School lesson

For a bit of fun I decided to make this one a felt board.  I printed it on cardstock and then ironed on fusible interfacing for it to stick together.  I used the wrong type of interfacing, so it didn’t stick as well as it could.  That, and I forgot and used steam so the interfacing shrunk a fair amount.

So, takeaways: 1.  Check if your interfacing is rough enough to stick, and 2.  Don’t use steam setting.

Back to the story.

marriage of Isaac and Rebekah Sunday School lesson

I’ve always wondered how did Rebekah feel as she rode away on the camel.  Was she scared, excited, worried?  Had she heard about the God they worshipped?

marriage of Isaac and Rebekah lesson for kids

After I’d told the story, I turned the kids loose to tell their own versions, which were often amusing.

Isaac and Rebekah kidmin lesson

While one kid was acting it out, the next was making their own puppets to be made into popsicle stick theater puppets.  That led to even more amusing ones acted out.

Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah craft

We made some bracelets to represent the bracelet the servant gave Rebekah, the kids all had fun making them, the boys of course said theirs were armor and kept pretending bullets were bouncing off.  Princess wanted to glue jewels on.

silver arm cuff craft

Instructions are in the printable, but it’s fairly simple, cardstock, aluminum foil, some glue, and a sharpie.

We also printed off and completed a few mazes to help the servant find Rebekah (links to everything are in the printable).

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Marriage of Issac and Rebekah resources

Isaac's marriage to Rebekah Bible lesson

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  1. Cool lesson! I love it when daughter replays the story with puppets (which is not very often…)

    1. I do too. I’ve recorded many sessions of them telling stories.

  2. maryanne @ mama smiles Avatar
    maryanne @ mama smiles

    Your printables are very cool. I quit using the steam setting on my iron and swapped to a spray bottle for steam, because I was always accidentally leaving it on or it would leak (I need a better iron, someday).

    1. I love my Rowenta iron that I splurged on using a coupon at JoAnn’s. It’s got some nice heft to it, and in general the steam comes out at the right time, but you’re not supposed to use it on interfacing, especially unshrunk interfacing, and I should know that. But, I didn’t follow through on what I know.

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  4. I have had so much fun looking around your blog! Your Bible lessons are so creative! Thanks for letting us join your adventure and sharing so much! 🙂

  5. Claudia Wolfert Avatar
    Claudia Wolfert

    Thank you so much! Your lesson plan simplified a Bible Story my preschoolers can now understand in Sunday School!!

    And of course with Preschoolers, there has to be crafts to visually keep the Bible story with them. Thank you for the craft patterns.

    Thank you! God Bless!

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