Goal accomplished, organize upstairs

Well at least part of it, I still need to finish the loft area again.



We started by putting everything in the middle of the room.  It didn’t matter if it belonged in there or not, we just put it all there.


Then we started getting it all cleared out, which took a good amount of time.



Then I carefully put all of the pillows away and folded up all of the blankets.  The kids had a lot of fun demonstrating that the pillows were still comfy.


Finally I took a picture of what the room is supposed to look like when clean so Princess can keep it up.  She volunteered to have the movie room as the room she’s responsible for, and if it’s clean when Jeff comes home at night she gets paid a quarter.



11 responses to “Goal accomplished, organize upstairs”

  1. Christy Avatar

    You have a movie room???? That's cool!

  2. Mama to 4 Avatar
    Mama to 4

    great job! will you come to my house & help me! 🙂

  3. An Almost Unschooling Mom Avatar
    An Almost Unschooling Mom

    Giving her a picture of the room clean, as a guide – brilliant!

  4. MaryAnne Avatar

    You must have an awesome house! Great idea to take photos of it clean so Princess has a visual representation of her goal!

  5. Just Me Avatar
    Just Me

    I love that idea! I must start doing that with my boys since they are the primary “destroyers” of every room in the house!

  6. Joyful Learner Avatar
    Joyful Learner

    Love the photo as a guide idea too!

  7. I also love the idea of giving her a visual aide as to what the room is suppose to look like.

  8. I think I am going to follow the idea of a photo of a clean room too. Great way to teach responsibility!

  9. ok totally brilliant idea to take photo's of room clean so the kiddo's know what to expect. So many times my girl tells me she has the cleaned the room when it is far from clean lol!

  10. Good luck, Princess. I expect you to be rich by the end of the year…

  11. Okay, you and the kids have to come over to my house.

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