God made you special Bible lesson Old Testament Genesis

God made you special and He loves you very much



Did you ever watch Veggietales?  It was a huge thing when I was in college, and it was popular on my campus as sort of this weird thing we all watched, even if it was for preschoolers.  We’d sing the Silly Songs, and laugh at it.  At the end of every DVD they’d say, “God made you special and He loves you very much.”

Right now I’m teaching a group of 2nd-grade girls in Princess’ American Heritage Girls troop about God and Me.  Our recent lesson was on how much God loves them, and it got me thinking about that phrase from Veggietales.  While I taught this for AHG, it’d make a great homeschool Bible lesson or Sunday School lesson. I’ve since decided this would be a great part of the Creation Story Unit.

God made you special and He loves you very much

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Supplies for the God made you special lesson

file folder per kid, markers, Bible, printable instructions at Creation Unit

God Made You Special

First, we spent some time brainstorming the names of God.  At first, they weren’t sure what to put down, but then I reminded them of the names in Christmas music we hear every year.

names of God

Eventually, we put down lots of different names. Then I asked them what nicknames they had.

God made you special

Again there was some hesitation, but I confessed some of mine, including the ones I didn’t like.  My Dad used to call me Stinkers (actually that was short for something else, but I really hated that one).  Once I confessed to an embarrassing nickname, their nicknames started flowing.  They told me all about what their parents called them, their siblings, and their friends.  They also told me all about what they wanted to be called.

Despite two girls having very similar names, and two looking so similar they could almost be twins, they all had very different nicknames.  Each person was different and unique.


Because God made them special.

God loves you very much

John 3 16 God loves you

Then I asked if anyone knew John 3:16.  Of course everyone knew it.  It’s one of the first verses anyone memorizes.

But, have you ever taken that verse and changed the wording just a little bit?

God loves you very much

Instead of “For God so loved THE WORLD,” what if you wrote, “For God so loved TICIA”?

It kind of changes how you look at things doesn’t it?  It got them all thinking about how much God loved them and thinking about how special they are because of that.

God made you special and loves you very much

I wish I’d remembered to use this a few weeks ago when my Sunday School class talked about the Creation of Man, but I forgot.  A lost opportunity, but the object lesson I did use was quite effective (if I can get a video of my redoing the lesson, I’ll get it up next week, I spent most of today with a migraine and hiding, so I wasn’t up to doing a video).

And now this is part of the Creation Unit, I’ve added it in there.

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God made you special Bible lesson Old Testament Genesis


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