Happy 14th birthday Princess!

I’m not quite sure how my baby got to be 14 years old, but she did. It’s a very weird thought.

Dear Little One,

I know you hate that name, probably even more than Girl Child, you explain to me you’re no longer little, and I need to stop calling you LITTLE.

Maybe that’s why I now call you Girl Child, that or because I think it’s hilarious.

You’ve grown up a lot this year. You’ve figured out a number of things.

You LOVE musicals. Love isn’t a strong enough word, and once you discover one you like you research it and find all of the cool little details.

You still love to write, and since your birthday last year have published a book, but now you don’t like it because your writing has come so much further since you published it last year. You keep talking about wanting to take it down so people won’t read your terrible book.

You’re insanely loyal. One of your best friends has been sick off and on since January with some random undiagnosed disease, no matter how many appointments or doctors she’s been to. You work hard to keep including her in everything even if she can’t leave her house. That’s hard work, and I’m proud of you.

On that note, you also have been trying hard to give the youth group a chance. I know it’s not always easy because your good friends there have moved, and it’s hard to make new friends. But, I see you doing that, and enjoying talking with people.

You continue to express your opinions and become more interested in the world around you. You are passionate about so many things and my challenge is to keep up with you.

You don’t like your assigned color of pink anymore, which is sure making 14 years of sorting more difficult, and I’m trying to work with you on this one.

My hopes and prayers for you this year

I pray you continue to make friends with the other girls in the Awkward Unicorns at church. I know it’s hard and awkward at times, but you all have so many interests in common, and it’s been a great joy for me to see you all growing together.

I pray you finish your second book and revise your first book so you like it.

I can’t wait to see you take college classes this next year.

This is a short letter, but I don’t really know what to say this year. I’ll just close with:

Happy birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Princess! All the best to her on her road to adulthood! It’s weird but I think that now when both A and Princess have longer hair, they look so much alike! Must be their eye color 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! I love those gowns you sewed for Halloween.

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