boys turn 14

Happy 14th Birthday to Superman and Batman!

Today my boys turn 14. It’s a little weird to think the boys I could once hold with just one hand are now both taller than me, and probably if I were to weigh them, probably outweigh me quite a lot.


Somehow you both got huge!

Dear son as you turn 14

This past year, somehow the two of you got HUGE! I do mean huge. Starting around my birthday, Superman started shooting up, and for the first time ever Superman was taller than Batman. This became a great bone of contention with Batman, who is not enjoying being called “Little Brother” by Superman.

On a fairly regular basis Superman would walk up to me and measure himself, until one day he was just a tiny bit taller than me. He is now obviously taller than me, and is walking up to Jeff and measuring himself. I think Jeff has a few more weeks, but if how Superman is eating is any indication, he’s gonna shoot up soon.

That picture up above was taken a few weeks ago, when we had a family meal with cousins. That’s his “Mom is taking a picture, so I should smile” smile. It amuses me in ways I can’t really say.

Dear son 2 as you turn 14

I am wildly amused by how you both are super huge teen boys now, but you are still very much boys. Every week for park day you load up your giant bin of Nerf guns and bring them for all the teen boys to play with. It’s quite amusing because this entire mob of 15 boys all split up and run through the fields near whatever park we’re at shooting each other.

Oh, side note, both of your voices have been dropping, and while the whole breaking voice thing is probably horridly embarrassing for you, I’m gonna miss it when your voice settles into your man voice, I have to hide smiles when your voices break or goes through a couple of different octaves.


I’m so proud of you

happy 14 birthday

I mentioned the giant mob of boys at park day. You get everyone playing together, from your friends’ younger brother at age 6 to the ginormous teen twins and other giant teens (and when the other twins are at our house I swear your giant shoes take over the downstairs).

Regularly moms of the other boys tell me how much their younger kids love you, and they love how you include everyone and make sure the rules are done fairly.

On Friday one of the boys got hurt while playing your usual Nerf battle, and one of you came and told the Mom, and the other sat with the boy until he was ready to play again.

I have leaders at church regularly come up to me and tell me all about how you are such a great volunteer and always step up.

Batman, we had one of the leaders mail us an actual written letter to tell us how great you were on the service team. You are a great servant.

What I want for you this next year

boys turn 14

You start high school. This scares me more than I can say. And excites me. I’m excited to see the men you will become.

We will continue to work on your writing. I’ve seen amazing strides in that this year, but there’s still work to be done.

For many skills, I’m pretty sure you could launch right now and have no problems whatsoever. You can cook, clean, and pretty much any household tasks you can do.

We will continue to work on your independent projects, but it’s pretty amazing to see what you can do with it. Superman, your programming and ideas are amazing. Your write-ups of what you’ve learned, not so much. That’s an area to work on. Batman, you make amazing food. I can’t wait to see what you do, but we need to work on your planning.


Not much to say this year, I’m mainly excited to see how you grow and the men you are becoming.


Happy birthday Superman and Batman


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  1. Happy birthday to your boys!

    1. Thank you!

  2. I hope their 14th year is as good as my Quentin’s has been!

    1. I hope so too! Quentin’s year has been amazing.

  3. Happy birthday boys! Enjoy being fourteen!

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