Jesus at the temple take-home bag

I love pretend play for Bible stories, which is great in take-home bags. So when I was planning out the Jesus at the temple take-home bag, I knew I needed a pretend play in there, and then I thought what else can I add? Why of course a game, all in all this makes for a great take-home bag to add to my other Bible lessons.

Boy Jesus at the Temple take home bag for church

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Jesus at the temple take-home bag supplies

I stupidly never took a picture of the whole thing altogether, so I’m putting together what to do from my instruction sheet.

boy jesus at the temple take home bag in the unit

Things to buy: Jesus at the Temple Unit (or get the Jesus at the Temple bundle, has the buildings), Bible finger puppets, Jesus at the Temple storybook (included in the bundle) or another storybook like this one, Jesus at the Temple board game (also in the bundle)

Consumable to include: 1-page storybook (in the unit)

Why I include the buildings and toys

Recently I had dinner with a missionary, and they told us all about one of the ways they study the Bible with kids OR adults is to retell the story.

Boy Jesus at the temple take home bag pretend play

These buildings and the toys are the ultimate way to retell the story, you get props! Props are awesome, though I guess the truly ultimate way to retell the story is acting it out.

To do that you need my Bible costumes.

But retelling the story gets them thinking about it and really looking at what it means.

Playing with stories is important

Find Jesus at the temple Bible game gospels new testament

It lets you think about other people’s emotions and what it must be like to lose your child. Can you just imagine how panicked Mary felt?

But, I’ve said this before many times, there is just not a lot more to say.

So instead, go check out the rest of the Jesus at the Temple Unit.

boy jesus at the temple take home bag Bible New Testament Gospels


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  1. This is such a great way to tell a story so that kids remember it.

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