Let your kids be comfortable when reading

In honor of All About Reading Level 3 coming out today (that’s an affiliate link, and I may or may not have driven everyone crazy I know telling them it’s coming out today).  I’m just a little excited.

I wanted to share with you a post I’ve been gathering pictures for over 6 months.  I call this:

Let your kids be comfortable when reading

Let your kids choose a comfortable way to read

You see for our reading lessons we’re sitting at a small kid sized table, and they have their own kiddo sized chair to sit in.

Though sit might be a generous way of putting their positions.

I thought about titling this: Funny ways to read

That’s actually what I called the folder the pictures are in

funny ways to read All About Reading

There’s just not really another way to call all of these poses.  I particularly like the head on the desk one.  I think he way trying to pick up words to read by sticking them to his head.

This really comes down to make reading fun

let your children be comfortable when reading

Which is why I love All About Reading {affiliate link}.  Almost every lesson has a game.  It doesn’t matter to my kids that the game is essentially read a word and then put the word in a different place.  They love all of the games.  Whether it’s read a slice of pizza and pretend to eat it.  Or read the word and feed the bones to the monster.  They love all of the games.

Superman finished All About Reading Level 2 {affiliate link} a few weeks ago and has been treading water and reading me random books ever since.


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2 responses to “Let your kids be comfortable when reading”

  1. Yes, it always amuses me when I see daughter reading in downward facing dog pose or bouncing on the ball while reading. I hope your kids will love Level 3, it looks like it works well for your family.

  2. maryanne @ mama smiles Avatar
    maryanne @ mama smiles

    I remember reading as a kid with the book on the floor and hanging my head off the end of the couch. Emma reads in some funny positions, too!

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