Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the specialness of this season.  Here are a few things I thank God for.
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Wishing you all the blessings and joy of Christmas!


10 responses to “Merry Christmas everyone!”

  1. Merry Christmas Ticia! I love the pic of your hubby and daughter sleeping.

  2. Annette W. Avatar
    Annette W.

    Merry Christmas, Friend!!

  3. An Almost Unschooling Mom Avatar
    An Almost Unschooling Mom

    That video is AWESOME!

  4. Merry Christmas to you all!

  5. Merry Christmas! I hope the kids had a lot of time unlocking the gifts!

  6. I loved that video! All the pictures are so adorable, and they truly reflect a bundle of joy to be blessed for. Merry Christmas!

  7. What an original video:) I love the pick of your hubby asleep. I invite you to link up to Daddy's time Friday and show your hubby some words of love for the time they spend with the children.

  8. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Avatar
    Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

    is that a game I see?

  9. Awwww- your hubby and Princess- TOO CUTE!

    Merry Christmas, lovely lady…

  10. Merry Christmas! I love your new banner!

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