middle school christmas math science and writing lessons

Time out for some Christmas freebies I found

The best lessons in middle school (aside from days you saw the TV cart) were the days your teacher gave you a themed packet related to the current holiday. It happened all the time in elementary school, not so much in middle school, and I certainly don’t remember it in high school. That inspired this post, I found some great free middle school Christmas lessons for a fun homeschool Christmas.

Middle School Christmas lesson

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Free Christmas math

middle school christmas activities

It’s easy to create middle school Christmas math. I remember having a middle school Christmas lesson in my pre-algebra involving graphing and drawing pictures with string. I loved that project.

Free science

middle school christmas math

I sadly never had any middle school Christmas science lessons as a kid, though now that I think about it, the perfect lesson would be designing a light circuit….

Christmas density project

For Sale Middle School Christmas math

I wanted to share these, even though they’re for sale because they look fun for a bit of crazy math.

Yes I realize these are all named similarly, but there are only so many ways you can name these things

Some random other Christmas lessons I found on other sites

middle school christmas math science and writing lessons

Do you know of any other middle school Christmas lessons I can add in?


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