mini golf date night

Mommy Son Mini Golf date night

One thing I’m trying to be more intentional with this year is our family life.  I’m also increasingly aware my kids are growing older and older before my eyes.  How do I have THREE tweens?  But, last month I went on a mini golf date night with Batman, and it was so much fun.

Mommy and son date night
the boy never smiles for pictures.

You want to know part of what made it fun?


The mini-golf place had a spinner at some holes for you to do random things.  We enjoyed that idea so much I wanted to share it with you so you can try it out.


Supplies for your mini-golf date night

mini golf date night
In case you were wondering Jeff was really curious why I had his putter out.  When I said “I needed it for a picture,” he looked slightly confused and just nodded.  Smart man.

mini golf date night printable, 2 dice (six-sided), a place to play mini-golf


What you’ll do for THIS mini golf date night

You’ll go to the mini-golf place just like usual, the one we went to had unlimited rounds of mini golf AND a pizza buffet, SCORE!

However, at the beginning of each hole you’ll role your dice and do what the dice say.  Sometimes it’ll be silly things like complete your first shot standing on one foot, other times you’ll get to switch scores for that hole with another player.

All of them are in fun, so this should add to the fun for everyone.

mini golf date night with my son

I’m not a particularly good mini-golf player, but I really enjoy the game.  So does Batman, so this night was plenty special for both of us.



Do you go on date nights with your kids?  Check out iHomeschool Network’s loving your children link up for more ideas to make your kids feel special.


And because I’m sure you’re also wondering about this, I also want to try this plan out for a date with Jeff.  I think it could be so much fun to try.  Whenever I retry the Year ‘o Dates it’ll be a fun one to add in.


8 responses to “Mommy Son Mini Golf date night”

  1. We’ve tried parent-kid dates a few different times, but haven’t ever managed to keep it up. My goal this year is just to get back into the swing of family movie and game nights. It does go very fast.

    1. We’re not the best at keeping it up all the time, but we sure do enjoy it when we do.

  2. This sounds fun! Yes, time flies WAY too quickly. My husband has daddy-daughter date nights occasionally, always in IKEA (their joint choice).

    1. I’ve done IKEA ones also, the store can be really fun as you look at their suggestions of how to furnish your house.

  3. Great fun idea! I fell in love with Gary whilst admiring his derriere during a round of crazy golf (he was bending over trying to retrieve a ball from a remarkably deep hole! I think I even took a photo for posterity!)

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha, that is awesome!

  4. I try to do mini dates, but it’s hard to make time when Mike is home to watch the other kids. Anna and I do go on a TON of mini dates while the other kids are in school, so that is something. Mini golf is a great parent-child date idea!

    1. Some of my friends with kids in public school go up to the school and eat with their kid for lunch, and they really enjoy that, can you do that in California (it seems to be different rules for each school)?

      Mini-golf is so much fun! I love it, even if I’m terrible at it.

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