prayers for those affected by natural disasters

Prayer Stations for those affected by natural disasters

These past few weeks I’ve watched as hurricanes have hit Texas and Florida. I’ve been reading about forest fires raging untamed in several states and up into Canada.  While I can help with the relief efforts here in Texas, there’s not much I can do for those hit by natural disasters further afield but pray. And I’ve been praying every time I see the news reports, and as I see friends in the affected states post they’re safe. I wanted something for my kids to be able to pray about so I made some natural disaster prayer stations to use for our homeschool Bible and to share with my Sunday School class.

praying for those affected by natural disasters

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Supplies for natural disaster prayer stations

coloring supplies (I like the pipsqueak marker tower*), cardstock* (I printed mine on colored cardstock for a bit of fun), printable (you get access to the printable when you join my newsletter!)

Praying for those affected by natural disasters through prayer stations

prayers for those affected by natural disasters

I came up with eight different prayer stations for those affected by natural disasters. As the kids prayed for each different prayer request they followed the directions on the back of the card (if you are doing this with younger kids you’ll need to read it to them). Some cards had them coloring what they might do, and others just had them coloring in the picture. Mainly the card is to give the kids something to do as they prayed for the people in the natural disaster.

natural disaster prayers families

1. Pray for the families who are displaced. Pray they are able to evacuate safely and aren’t discouraged.

natural disaster prayers homes

2. Pray for the homes destroyed. Pray those displaced by natural disaster are able to recover treasured memories, and can rebuild and repair quickly.

natural disaster prayers first responders

3. Pray for first responders going in to rescue people. Pray for their safety and for their wisdom of when to rush in and when to wait. Pray for those who are fighting fires to be protected from injury.

natural disaster prayers doctors

4. Pray for the doctors and nurses and hospitals. Pray for hospitals that have to evacuate. Pray for the doctors performing triage in terrible situations. Pray for nurses working long hours.

natural disaster prayers volunteers

5. Pray for the volunteers coming in. Pray for their hands to be ready and willing. Pray for them to be helpful. Pray for them to be plentiful. Pray for volunteers who can’t come to find a reputable charity to donate to.

natural disaster prayers food

6. Pray for food access. In the middle of a natural disaster, food can be hard to come by. Pray for the volunteers to come in and bring food. Pray for food that can be stored easily.

natural disaster prayers pets

7. Pray for the animals and pets. During natural disasters, many pets are left behind and need help. Pray for volunteers to help them, pray pets are reunited with their owners. Pray for the animals in the affected areas.

natural disaster prayer builders

8. Pray for the builders after the natural disaster. Pray they are able to get the necessary supplies. Pray builders do not take advantage of people hurt by natural disasters.

Those are the eight prayers I came up with, I know some are similar, but each prayer felt important to be mentioned.

What prayers for those affected by natural disasters would you add in?

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4 responses to “Prayer Stations for those affected by natural disasters”

  1. What a beautiful idea, to make prayer stations for kids to pray for the people going through the recent hurricanes and natural disasters!

  2. Jody Gray Avatar
    Jody Gray

    My kids are older, but the prayer cards give them direction for praying for the victims of disasters. We will use these now and in the future. Thanks for sharing and God’s blessings on you and yours.

    1. I’m glad they’re giving you focus. They’re giving me focus to as I cycle through the cards.

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