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Mixing with the Masters review

In 5th grade I took an after school art class.  The big deal final class was to go to a REAL art museum.  I loved wandering through the halls and looking at each piece of art for that one special detail.

While I love art, and I love to dabble in different projects I do not have formal training.  So my attempts at teaching homeschool art beyond appreciation are limited.

how to teach great artists

{Alisha gave me a copy of her new class Mixing with the Masters, in all honesty I was already planning on buying it, but I want to let you know she gave me this one, oh and the links are affiliate links}

This is where the Masters Art Class comes in

My blogging friend Alisha Gratehouse has a new mixed media art class.  So far the kids and I have worked our way through all four seasons (and still have more projects to do, with about 20 or more projects per class there’s a lot to choose from).  Now she has a new class, Mixing with the Masters*.

Mixing with the Masters Mixed Media Workshop, Volume One

I can’t wait to start this class because most of the featured artists we’ll be covering this year in our history.  Not to mention it features a few of my favorite artists (but sigh, no Degas, maybe her next class).

What have my kids learned in previous classes?

making maps using art in geography
Lazy Ticia didn’t find this picture to update the logo, it’s probably originally from another post

So far we’ve learned how to express our voices.  While this is not really a skill my kids struggle with, it’s been fun to see them take the lessons and make the artwork their own.

But, that’s just a minor detail.  In addition they’ve learned:

  • collages
  • how to use acrylic paint (side note, one of the parts of the videos my kids find most amusing are when she does the super fast forward parts for adding extra details)
  • sketching
  • watercolors (which much to my dismay the kids don’t really like, I LOVE it)
  • art journals (that I loved)

What I’m looking forward to them learning in the Masters Art Class:

  • more advanced acrylic paint techniques (okay, maybe I just want to learn this)
  • charcoal drawing
  • wax resist

All right, I’ll be honest, I just want to learn these skills.  So, maybe I should just say I’ll be watching the videos on my own.

But, you’re still wondering why YOU should teach the great artists

why learn about great artists

Here’s why your child needs to know the great artists

  • It connects them with something greater than themselves.
  • Great artists evoke emotions and help process hard emotions.
  • Great artists talk about history and what’s happening
  • Great artists inspire more art and creations

I know there are dozens more reasons that are all variations on these, but art is important.

Specific art history lessons


8 responses to “Mixing with the Masters review”

  1. So tempted! I wish we had time for more art. A can do quite well when she is interested and applies herself. Can’t wait to see what your kids will create next year!

    1. I can’t wait either! Time is one of the blessings of homeschooling (and not working full time, you are on busy Mom and get a lot done for the time you have!).

      Maybe as a summer class next year?

  2. Intrigued…but overloaded…can I work in one more subject? This really looks great.

    1. I hear you! I always find that one more thing I want to do.

  3. Very tempting! What is that easel that Princess is using?

    1. It came with an art kit Princess got from her grandparents for Christmas. I’ll have to dig up the box from wherever she’s hidden it and get back to you with the exact kit. While I had mixed feelings on some of the projects in the kit (random simple pictures), the easel itself and the paints were fairly decent. I’d buy it for the easel alone.

  4. We plan to do this course. Not sure when but I just know my eldest twin will love it!

    1. I figured she might like it. The great thing about these courses (as you know) is they’re self-paced and you have access forever.

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