Noah's ark sensory bin Bible Genesis Old Testament

Noah’s ark sensory bin

If you are brave and you have a room where you can fill a sensory bin with water, then obviously Noah’s ark is the perfect time to have a water play sensory bin. However, for the vast majority of us, or it may not be the time of year to let kids get your kids soaking wet as they play with water, then a Noah’s ark sensory bin needs different materials. I had so much fun brainstorming my sensory bin for the Noah’s ark unit and putting it together for the Bible lessons.

Noah's ark sensory bin for Sunday School

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Noah’s ark sensory bin supplies

large bin (I like ones with lids so I can easily close it up to make it easier to clean), 3-D ark (in the unit or get the bundle with the game and both black and white storybook) or a toy boat if you have one, Noah figure (Bible finger puppets), Bible figures for his family, blocks (to build mountains), animal toys, blue aquarium rocks

Why I love this Noah’s ark sensory bin

Noah's ark sensory bin

I love the variety of textures I was able to get in here. The aquarium gravel has all sorts of different shapes to run your hands over, and the wooden blocks have the grainlines of the wood, or my unfinished wood does (obviously if your blocks are painted or a different material you’ll get a different texture). The different animals have different feel to their texture as the company tried to imitate the fur textures.

Now, this may just be because I’m in a mood because of the weather changes and feeling ever so slightly out of it. I don’t know, but there’s something about running your hands through gravel like that. Also the many colors the aquarium rocks are in.

Random thought, I should look up how they got the different colors, because I doubt it is natural, but back to the Noah’s ark sensory bin. I got distracted.

What kids learn from sensory bins

Noah's ark sensory bin Bible Genesis Old Testament

Obviously, there is the part where they get to experience all of those different textures. But after that, it’s a fun way to act out the story.

In the picture, Noah and his wife have jammed a bunch of animals in the ark, and the only animals not in the ark are the sea creatures.

It’s a great chance to act out the story or think about what it might be like to try and gather all the animals on the ark.

Actually, I just taught this story last week to 2-4 grade, and we were talking about that. Getting all the animals on the ark. How?

Or just have fun trying to see just how many animals you can stuff into your ark. In my case, the animals were rather hilariously piled together.

All in all, I quite like this one. Currently, I’m brainstorming my call of Abraham sensory bin. I’m thinking some black and gold and plastic stars. We’ll see.

noah's ark sensory bin fun

Oh, and I really had to laugh, or I should say, I greatly amused myself creating a mountain for all of the animals to unload onto and putting them all over (also, some of these blocks are blank stamp molds and one of those is from a toy train set).

My child teases me how easily I’m amused, but it makes my life so fun.

Noah's ark sensory bin for homeschoolers

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