Pentecost Sunday School lesson New testament Acts

Pentecost Sunday School lesson



Having finished our study of the Gospels in our Sunday School lessons we head on to the book of Acts.  As seems rather appropriate it starts out with a final lesson from Jesus, before getting into all of the grand adventures the apostles get into.

Pentecost Bible lesson

Lessons from the Great Commission

My church is very big on the Great Commission.  About once a year we get a sermon telling us all about going out into Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.  I’ve always felt they emphasize going a bit more than is necessarily warranted.  From my study, it seems like the emphasis in the Bible is on making disciples which is so much more than just a quick prayer.  It’s one of my goals for my kids and for my Sunday School class to make disciples.  Kids and someday adults who study God’s word and compare it to what they know and ask questions.  This is part of what the Bible study I’ve written is designed to do, help the kids learn and ask questions so they know why they believe.

Pentecost lessons

Day of Pentecost lesson
It’s just fun to draw people with little flames on their heads.

In Jesus final lesson to the disciples he told them to wait for the Helper he would send.  I’ve always thought it interesting his final instructions are to wait.  I wonder if it’s because the disciples needed that time to be ready.

Day of Pentecost how they changed

I also love the bit of hope we get from this story.  Look at the change we see in Peter.  A month or so earlier Peter was so scared he denied knowing Jesus to a small servant girl.  Now he gets up and talks to a crowd of thousands.  The same crowd who cried out for Jesus’ death, and Peter is preaching to them.  Not just preaching but telling them they killed God’s son.  That takes guts.  I hope to have that kind of guts someday.

Pentecost craft

As per usual lately, I had about 4 crafts I wanted to do and time for one.  We had fun making our own little flame to flicker over our heads.

Supplies: craft sticks, red, yellow, and orange tissue paper, glue sticks

making Pentecost craft

The last time we made a project using tissue paper we tore way too much up, so the kids happily played around with making their flames, and then posing with them.

Day of Pentecost craft

Seriously, lots of posing and hamming it up.  None of the you’re killing me smiles like I got with the bluebonnet pictures.

Pentecost Sunday School lesson

Pentecost lesson resources

Coming next week Peter and John in jail!

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(And for those tired of Bible posts, coming on Friday is a science post, I’ve just had all sorts of problems with activities lately, seriously 5 different attempts at simulating a cloud, and none worked)

Pentecost Sunday School lesson New testament Acts


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  1. Sorry to keep repeating myself but I do love your drawings! Typical to smile with tissue paper on head but less so when surrounded by beautiful flowers and family – I feel your pain!

    1. I know, the picture I’m hoping to get printed and put up on the wall I get frowns and looks of pain, but the silly goof off picture, great expression. Sigh.
      It makes me happy to hear people like my drawings, so feel free to repeat yourself. 😉

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