preschool farm unit for homeschool

The Farm Preschool Unit

Future Ticia 2019 here,  several years ago we went through and did an amazing preschool farm unit. I wrote about it over a series of posts that I’m going to condense here into one MEGA AMAZING PRESCHOOL FARM UNIT! That being said, this post is going to go through a lot of revisions because not everything I did still exists, but it’s an awesome resource to anyone homeschooling preschool.

preschool farm unit for homeschool

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Printables for our Preschool Farm Unit

preschool farm unit making the lapbook

I got a farm bundle from CurrClick about farms, which we had lots of fun putting together.

Future Ticia here, CurrClick is closing, so I asked around with my friends for a similar item, and was given:

cutting out animals for preschool farm unit

I don’t quite know where I got the barn image from (you can barely see it under all of Princess’ animals), but we glued it into a file folder and added in some construction paper to create a pasture and a blue lake. This made our file folder pseudo lapbook also a fun toy they could play with.

I just found another barn coloring page that would work, I printed it on cardstock.

Ways to use animal pictures

  • sort for who lives on a farm and who doesn’t
  • sort into the different areas of a farm the animals live in
  • sort for the many different animal characteristics (fur/feathers, number of legs, etc)
putting together a farm preschool unit

We finished this all up with some fine motor work by putting farm animal stickers on our farm play mat.

Fun toys with our preschool farm unit

tutorial how to make a toy barn preschool kids craft

As I posted yesterday we put together our barn, and today we cut out the animals to fill it, not to mention the farm animals toys we have been playing with.

It also makes a great basis for a science lesson we later did with a farm animal sort using our toys, to sort animals into different locations.

using the fine motor skills game (1)

Next up is our Feed the Pig game, which became a regular in our preschool stations rotation because the kids loved feeding the pig pom poms and then pouring them out of the pig and back into the bowl.


Finally (for now, I’m sure future Ticia is going to continue to discover more preschool farm ideas we covered as I continue to update posts), was our seed sort. The kids loved playing with the little pots and filling them with the seeds.

More Preschool Units on this site, or just plain preschool fun

Farm-related Bible lesson

Parable of the Mustard seed craft

Future Ticia totally just thought of this as I was adding in the seed sort pictures, and I saw the Parable of the Mustard seed craft I taught a few years ago to the preschool kids at my church. There are a lot of Bible stories involving farm animals and growing food because the Israelites were farmers.

I would also add in, the Parable of the Lost Sheep (on the same post as the Mustard Seed craft apparently, it needs its own post), the Parable of the Sower, and something else I’m not thinking of because I’m getting sleepy. Future Ticia should go to bed.

Preschool farm unit

Preschool Farm books

Our library has an amazing kids’ section, and so I found dozens  hundreds of farm picture books. Many are part of a series, so pick a farm animal, and then that animal on a farm, or grows up, or any of another dozen names for the series. I picked out a few that looked particularly fun, but there are way more amazing books than I could ever list. You know what I just realized? I have a completely different FARM BOOKLIST WITH COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BOOKS.

Farm books for preschool farm unit
  • Chickens on a Farm– This is one of those series, it’s super fun to read, and a nice bit of information
  • Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type– I super love this book, and the entire series. It’s a great book to revisit later when learning how to write letters
  • Cock-a-Doodle-Moo– My kids super loved this book as preschoolers. I think we actually bought a second copy of this book after wearing the first out. His other books: The Cow that Went Oink and Z-z-zoink! were also popular, but we didn’t own a copy of that book. Also, I used this book when I taught first grade for a great example of writing the unexpected
  • Down on the Farm– Another fun silly fiction book
  • Farm (Discover books)– Almost every library will have a book like this, it’s a generic run of the mill farm book, and full of the perfect information for your preschool farm unit
  • Farm Alphabet Book– This is not the specific book my library has, but alphabet books are a great review of the alphabet
  • Farm animals– Another book series, this one has more about the tools, the people, and other ideas
  • Farm Flu– A fun silly book about the people on the farm and everyone getting sick
  • Farm tractors– This feels like it should be part of a series, and I know I’ve seen other books with this same format, but when I looked on Amazon, and when I looked at my library I didn’t see more books.
  • In, over and on! (the farm)– a fun lift-the-flap book
  • Jobs on a farm– another one of those great non-fiction books
  • Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm– another book in this series, and just as fun as the other books
  • On the Farm– a cute book with enchanting pictures (I’m a sucker for woodcut pictures and watercolor)
  • Sally Goes to the Farm– Sally, the dog, visits many different places, and of course she gets to meet all the farm animals
  • Snow Comes to the Farm– a simple story of a young boy watching the farm turn white as it snows
farm book list

Solely adding this picture, so later when I’m looking for book lists, this pops up. Yes, I have weird organizational systems.

Some more preschool farm unit ideas

Since I wrote this 10 years ago originally, there are tons of great new ideas, so I asked in a blogging group for some more preschool farm ideas and got some great suggestions:

Future Ticia is re-publishing this so I can easily find it and add in the five tabs I’ve currently got open that I want to add into this farm preschool unit. It originally was published on April 28, 2009


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