Creation Story Bingo


Printable Creation Story Bingo for use with your Sunday School or other Bible class. Great for kids to review after learning about the Days of Creation.


Learn the days of Creation with this Creation bingo game

This Creation Story Bingo includes several pre-made Bingo cards as well as blank Bingo cards that you can fill in with either black and white or color sheets.

To extend the learning, there is also a printable Creation minibook craft they can use to help them play the game.

Larger versions of the pictures are included to allow making a large Bingo game or for use in other crafts or projects.

Possible ways to use the Creation Story Bingo

  • as a bingo game
  • create a minibook to take home
  • use the larger pictures as a hide and seek game
  • print multiple copies of the larger cards and then use them as a relay race


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