Redwall book and a movie feature 6th

Daring adventure with Redwall book club

Somehow I never read Redwall as a kid or teen. It hit all the right checkboxes, cute fuzzy talking animals, fantasy setting, high stakes, but I never read it. My friends read it. Then when I was going through and compiling my book and a movie list I discovered Redwall has a movie AND a BBC TV series. It still hit all the checkboxes I like, and it certainly hit the checkboxes to be popular with all of my kids, so we geared up for our Redwall movie night, which really was more of a Redwall movie marathon after reading the Redwall book. This would make a great Redwall book club for a homeschool co-op.

Redwall book and a movie

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The plot of Redwall

Redwall summary

Redwall follows the adventures of the mice and other woodland creatures in Redwall Abbey as they come under attack by Cluny and his horde of “bad” woodland creatures (I say bad because his followers tend to be all the creatures we mentally think of as bad, rats, weasels, shrews). Matthias the young mouse who longs to be a hero puts together an army of volunteers to fight against Cluny and keep them from taking the abbey.

This is the first of a long series of 20 books. I was rather surprised my kids weren’t interested to read more in this series. It’s always amazing to me what they want to hear more in and what they really could care less about.

Redwall movie night snacks

First off, pick up Redwall on streaming on Amazon. While there are DVDs of the show, they are all much overpriced, and if you’re going to watch the entire show, you’ll be glad you got the streaming option.

Next, if you plan to bake anything pick up The Redwall Cookbook. Our library had a copy of this, and the recipes are surprisingly good (we cooked up a few of them), and there are some fun short stories to go with the recipes. I’ve actually considered buying a copy because I enjoyed the recipes so much, but first I should check to see if the Baking Bible I bought Batman for his cooking lessons has anything similar.

On to our Redwall movie night snacks.

Redwall book club snacks

As you can see, we had quite a lot of fun cooking up meals from the Redwall cookbook. Pretty much all of the recipes in there could be found elsewhere, but the novelty of the topical cookbook is fun.

  • Cluny’s Tail- licorice, this time I accidentally bought one of those multi-flavor packets, which wasn’t as popular as I thought it would be.
  • Matthias Mouse- huh, that’s on my label, but I didn’t make it. I could either have planned Teddy Grahams (because I like them), or the mice snack like from Stuart Little.
  • Basil Stag- I found some rabbit-shaped graham cracker snacks from Auntie Anne’s
  • Ammodeus Poinsontooth- I bought a bag of  Sour Punch Bites that had all the flavors and then picked out the green ones that look like poison to me, you can buy the apple sour punch bites and not have to find the green ones…
  • Sparra- I forget if we originally watched this near Easter, or if I’d saved the bird peeps to have for this purpose. I tend to buy massive numbers of peeps so I can make them battle in the microwave and then make them into s’mores.

I may have maturity issues.

Now to the homemade snacks

  • October Ale and Summer Strawberry Fizz- these were from the Redwall Cookbook, but they’re basic punch recipe variations, they’ve got some extra bells and whistles that made them particularly popular.
  • Autumn Oat Favorites- a variation on an oatmeal cookie (for the recipes if I don’t have one I commonly use, I’m just googling, so can’t verify the quality), oh Wait I also have one from our Scotland study
  • Cousin Shrew’s Shortbread- you could do a variation on my Earl Grey shortbread
  • Succulent Tomato Soup- we make this tomato basil soup ALL the time
  • Simple Potato Soup- another family favorite, potato soup, I usually make both soups and there are rarely leftovers
  • Hare’s Haversack Crumble- haven’t tried this triple berry crumble to comment on
Redwall book and a movie feature 6th

Redwall Book Club Lesson Plans and more food ideas

I just realized people are more likely to search Redwall book club, than Redwall movie night, and then sit over yummy snacks and discuss the book. Or that’s what I’m learning from doing a bit of searching.

More great 6th-grade lesson ideas


3 responses to “Daring adventure with Redwall book club”

  1. A really liked the second in this series (Mossflower), but for some reason lost interest after that. It’s kind of funny that there is a cookbook!

  2. I think I’ve seen the movie, but never read any of the books. I LOVE that there’s a cookbook!

  3. Fun fact: My brother started a Redwall site back when he was a teenager who has just moved from one continent to another for my dad’s job and needed a project. It’s been around since the late 90s! He hasn’t done anything with it for something like 15 years now but there are a bunch of recipes there, still – check out at

    It’s definitely a series for foodies.

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