Review and Giveaway: Mom Connection

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you have pre-schoolers you need to get in a MOPS group.


I’ve just been sent another one of their books to review and again I just have to say it was a wonderful experience.  The last book I reviewed, MOMsense, was all about finding who you are as a Mom, what makes you tick, and how to be the best Mom.


Mom Connection looks to something else we all are starved for.  How to grow and develop friendships.  I’m not a big extrovert, so developing friendships for me is always a dangerous river.  I enjoy people, but I have a quirky personality, that doesn’t always click well with people in real life, it’s not that they dislike me, but I’m not sought out as a friend.


And I’ve struggled with that at times, but I’ve found some great friends over the years, both online and offline.


This book talks about how to grow relationships, and how to make sure you’re becoming the person you want to be.


Things I’m taking away from it:



1.  I think we’re ready to find some volunteer work outside of our family.  There’s a chapter on making a difference in your community, and thinking about when is the right time.  If you’ve got 3 pre-schoolers and everyone’s in diapers, that might not be the time to “make a difference in the world.”  But, I was realizing my kids are now all old enough we can probably volunteer somewhere.


2.  I think God must really be hitting me over the head with this one, but we need to clear out and clean up our home.  It’s a big struggle for me, but one of the chapters talked about having the home everyone wants to hang out at.  I want that home, so I need to take steps to have that.  One is my continued drive to clean and purge and organize.  The other, figuring out snack foods to have available for kids to eat and drink.  I don’t tend to have lots of them, and I need to find a good balance on that.


0033.  Establish who we are as a family.  I think we already have a momentum started on that, but I want to firm it up and make sure it’s clear.  One thing that’s clear, we’re a little silly at times.


What will you find in this book:


1.  Each chapter ends with 5 suggestions for implementing it, and they’re five different suggestions, it’s not all “go out and do,” some are stop and think or evaluate.


2.  Each chapter ends with a here’s more section.  What I liked about that is it’s not all go buy this book.  Some of it is articles on the internet or videos or things to listen to.  I’m a big fan of listening to things while cleaning.  I learn a lot that way.


Who do I recommend this book for: Any Mom who is looking to form a connection with another person or better themselves.




I’m keeping it super simple, only two entries, you can do either one or both:


1.  Again look up your nearest MOPS group and tell me when and where it meets.


2.  Tell me what you’re doing to encourage strong relationships in your family or with friends.


Technical stuff:


1.  INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, I can’t send it to you if I can’t contact you.  Very important.


2.  It’s open to international, and it’s open for 1 week.


3.  I wasn’t paid.  I really like MOPS, I think everyone should join it.  I joined it willingly and enjoyed it a lot.  GO JOIN NOW.  Okay, enough threatening, they did give me a review copy, but since I’m giving one away and will probably loan the other out, that doesn’t really count as payment.


And now I’m going to go investigate the thud coming from my supposedly sleeping child.


4 responses to “Review and Giveaway: Mom Connection”

  1. MaryAnne K Avatar
    MaryAnne K

    My nearest MOPS group is sadly not very close (that's why I don't belong). They meet 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 9:30-11:30am.

  2. Christy Avatar

    You and I have so much in common, it's scary!!! Too bad you are so far away. MOPS isn't popular in MA – as MaryAnne said. We used to have a local MOMs group but they disbanded and it was really a group of people who were already friends and didn't care much for newcomers – sad, right?

    I have trouble in the snack dept too because it seems the snacks are always gone when kids come over.

    Anyway, I have to work on all of those things too (so much purging done and yet so much left) and the book sounds interesting.

  3. Annette {This Simple Home} Avatar
    Annette {This Simple Home}

    Actually there is a MOPS about 25 minutes away…not awful. BUT it meets on the 1st and 3rd Fridays…just like my Bible study. So I have never gone.

    Oh to have the home the kids want to hang out in…I hope in 10 years that is the case, but I know that the foundation is now.

    Enjoyed your thoughts (and how we are similar with the weaknesses). Would enjoy this, I'm sure!
    thissimplemom at gmail dot com

  4. I've moved recently and didn't realize there is a MOPS group near me! The meet the 1st and 3rd TH at 9:00. Sounds like a wonderful book. 🙂

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