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I’m going through my old pictures, I’ve got about 2 months worth of stuff that I need to go through, and I found about a month worth of nature studies to catch up with now, so here’s more quick nature study ideas.  Travel over to my last post for the first batch of nature study ideas.

more ideas for your nature study

All of these nature study ideas are designed to take about 15-20 minutes each.  Okay, except for the first one.


observe an animal for a day

Nature study idea 1: This is probably my kids’ favorite one, we’ve found quite a few animals in our back yard (our dog found a skunk, that was not cool).  We’ve caught the animal and observed it for a day or so for an up close nature study.  Then we let the animal go at our local park.


look for animal remains

Nature study idea 2: If your park has enough wildlife around it, try to look for animal remains.  This time we found the remains of a crab in the mud.  We’ve found this a time or two, and at different points.  The first time we thought it was a picnic someone had, but the second time was over in the marshy area, no one is picnicking there.  Our nature study still has not figured out what ate this crab, nor have we ever seen one there.

look for pawprints for your nature study

Nature study idea 3: One week our nature study was to look for paw prints in the mud, it’d rained recently so I was fairly sure we’d find some, and we did under the bridge where the mud was still nice and wet.  Top right and bottom left, we’re fairly sure are raccoons.  Top left is a dog, I think.  The bottom right looks like the stereo typical dog print, but wasn’t completely convinced.


Let’s see what others did this week:

Each week I’m spotlighting a few posts that were shared previously.  Many posts get linked up later in the week and they don’t always get as many clicks as they deserve, so I’m trying to spotlight a few every week.


Life with Moore Babies shared a great idea for anatomy, or community helpers (as she used it), studying an optometrist.  I LOVE the balloon eyeball she used.


Angelicscalliwags shared this week’s nature study assignment, counting all of the living creatures of each type.  I thought this was a great idea for keeping track of what’s in your local park/pond.

Duct Tape Warfare
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7 responses to “Science Sunday: More easy nature study ideas”

  1. Thanks for featuring our Optometrist post and of course, for hosting! 🙂

  2. Those are great nature study ideas.

  3. It’s amazing that Austin is home to so much wildlife. We see a lot of birds in our backyard, squirrels and an occasional lizard. You seem to have a lot more excitement.

  4. I love science that starts with a backyard discovery! I was all on board heading into the woods to look for tracks in the mud…until we spotted the wolf tracks…now I’m all about the tracks around the library, instead 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the mention! These are really great yet simple ideas for nature study!

  6. Yes great ideas. Simple are always the best. Thanks for putting this one together.

  7. maryanne @ mama smiles Avatar
    maryanne @ mama smiles

    I love the way you find ways to study wild animals in your very own back yard!

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