Science Sunday: the next ER trip



Notice, on Friday I’d said amusing, not good.  But, it did lead to a great discussion on the way to the ER.

So, as I was calmly making lunch on Thursday Batman was attempting acrobatics using our recliner and the sofa.  He slipped and fell face forward onto the tile.

Being the good Mom that I am I of course said, “What were you thinking?” as I scooped him up without looking and calmed him down.  After he’d calmed down a little I then went into diagnosis mode.  Looked at him and the large amounts of blood on his face and clothes, and said, “Let’s go to the doctor.”

So, everyone got dressed, because we OF COURSE were being lazy that day.


And as we were driving there it turned into a science lesson.  Yes, a science lesson on  the way to the hospital.

See, the boys were worried that Batman was going to die because of all the blood that had come out.  They wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much blood.

So, we talked about what blood is used for and how it gets food to the rest of the body and brings oxygen .  It made for a good distraction while we were driving and helped keep everyone calm.

Then later, when we’d gotten home and I’d had a chance to read up on about how much blood a little guy has in him, we talked some more.

An adult human has about 5 liters of blood in them.  Batman is less than half of an adult human, so I averaged that out to about 2 liters.  And that’s when inspiration hit.

The 2 liter bottle of Sprite is about how much blood Batman has in his body right now.  They were all duly impressed, I was less impressed when they started talking about drinking said Sprite, but what could I expect.

That little cup on the bottom is about how much blood he lost from his “bleeding owie.”  I figure he lost about a 1/4 cup of blood, give or take.  That looks like how much is staining the clothes and jammies, and what soaked through the paper towels.

And amusingly enough I’ve gotten several comments from friends on Facebook saying “Now I’ll be able to tell your twins apart.”

Yeah, until his brother gets the same injury a week later, that’s what happened last time.  A week later his brother got the exact same head wound, and then a week after that the boys dropped a shovel on Princess’ head and she got a nice little scar on the top of her head.053

Oh well, it’s been at least 3 or 4 months of no ER trips, so this is good.

You guys have any less exciting life experiences you’ve turned into science lessons this week?  I promise next week to have a less bloody post……….  Maybe I should go ahead and schedule that for the sake of sanity………


17 responses to “Science Sunday: the next ER trip”

  1. Mama Hen Avatar
    Mama Hen

    Oh, so sorry. He looks so sad in the pictures. I know that had to hurt, poor thing!

  2. littlewondersdays Avatar

    I hope he feels better. I guess it's the life of raising boys. Nice way to weave a science lesson in though.

  3. Oh, my! I laughed at you using a scientific discussion of blood to distract them!! Brilliant! I am afraid that I don't have the presence of mind when their is blood involved. Give him an extra boo-boo kiss from us.

  4. Mama to 4 Avatar
    Mama to 4

    oh my goodness! Bless your heart! Being a mom gets crazy doesn't it! What a day you had – glad it wasn't anything serious!

  5. What a way to get a science lesson in. Those little head boo boos can appear to bleed so much more then any place else on the body. We will pray there isn't a 2nd and 3rd ER visit!

  6. tummymummy Avatar

    A trip to ER and a blog post is above and beyond! Hope Batman is feeling better soon, just think of the street cred he will get at school when he describes it in all its gorey detail to the rest of the boys in the class.

  7. Goodness – it's never a dull moment in your house. I am glad Batman didn't get a concussion, it would be another science lesson, but he wouldn't be able to pay attention to it. I am hoping that the other two will not get injured any time soon.

  8. Oh no!! Poor little guy 🙁

  9. You do realize that there are much better ways to get a science lesson in, don't you? lol

    Been there done that. My children tend to get the same boo-boos (scars) that I received as a child. Weird.

  10. Annette W. Avatar
    Annette W.

    It'd be worth it if the lesson was learned (not the science lesson…the lesson about acrobats…)But I suspect he'll do it again.

    Yep, a few months with no ER trip is always good. Hope you have a few more before the next oen!

  11. Brimful Curiosities Avatar
    Brimful Curiosities

    Head wounds are the worst! Poor guy. Hope you have a calmer week this time around. Though, the little accident did provide an informative lesson for everyone, even me!

  12. An Almost Unschooling Mom Avatar
    An Almost Unschooling Mom

    Oh no! But an interesting lesson 🙂

  13. MaryAnne Avatar

    I'm hoping to continue our no-stitches run into the near future…

  14. I believe your Science lessons were more educational than ours…

    Hope he heal QUICKLY!!!

  15. I am most impressed with how calm you were through the whole ordeal!!! I guess it's all of the experience you have!

    Great idea to distract the kids with science! I hope there are no follow up lessons.

  16. Ouch, I hope he's feeling better!

  17. Glad he's okay! The experience should go on a “You know you're a homeschooler when…” list. “You know you're a homeschooler when you consider family medical emergencies as excellent science lessons.” 🙂

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