Homeschool science lessons is a topic near and dear to my heart.  I loved teaching science when I taught in the public schools, and briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a science teacher (but that would mean teaching high school and dealing with hormones in kids, that idea was a no go).

homeschool science lessons

But back to the topic of homeschool science.  This is a subject that is very easy to make hands-on with your kids.  I’m going to be putting the landing pages of each of the different topics we go through as we complete them here, as well as putting any relevant materials I find for homeschool science.

Preschool Science

Science for preschoolers can be the most fun because they are seeing everything for the first time.  It’s also the messiest science you will ever do.

anamoty model for kids review science anatomy elementary middle

Human Anatomy

This is all about how our body works and how to take care of our bodies.  We studied this originally when the kids were around 3rd grade. We are currently going back and studying this topic again as 7th graders, and re-using many of these projects.

That’s no longer true, they’re now high schoolers, and we covered it once more time as freshmen.


Earth Science 5th elementary

Earth Science lessons

We studied earth science when the kids were in 4th grade.  There are also a few posts written for preschoolers.

astronomy lessons for homeschooling

Astronomy Science Lessons

We studied astronomy during their 4th-grade year, and I was amazed at how many fun ideas there are.


zoology for kids

Biology Science lessons

We studied biology during kindergarten through 2nd grade, and then again in 5th grade.  I realized they needed a review before we headed into the deeper sciences in junior high.  Also, I’m fairly sure the texts we used at first went over their heads.

Homeschool Science ideas to get you started

Here’s some ideas for getting you started on your homeschool science journey.  It can be intimidating to teach this subject, but it’s so engaging I highly encourage you to just jump right in.