Free Skittles prayer printable for use with your Sunday School or homeschool Bible lesson

Skittles prayers



If your house is anything like mine, you are now inundated with Halloween candy. Every year, my kids dump out all of their candy together into a laundry basket and sort it out.  This year, my daughter is working on the Girls in Prayer patch for American Heritage Girls, and one activity is Jelly Bean Prayers. I decided to change it up with Skittles Prayers for our Bible lesson with the other girls of her squad. I can tell you it was wildly popular

Skittles prayers for Sunday School

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What is this crazy idea?

This is based on the very popular jelly bean prayers (one of several ideas on my Easter board) you see every year at Easter. As you pull out your jelly bean you pray a corresponding prayer for the color. You’ve probably seen a million pins for this every Easter on Pinterest.

Princess hates jelly beans. As a matter of fact, all of my kids dislike jelly beans, a source of much sadness for me, only it means I get more jelly beans.

I’ve modified the jelly bean prayers to Skittles Prayers since everyone in my family loves Skittles. I’ve also included variations for Wild Berry Skittles Prayers, Sour Skittles Prayers, and M&M prayers. If you’re making one candy prayer set, why not make four?

What you need for Skittles Prayers

Skittles fun size packet (or M&M fun-size packet), Skittles Prayers printable (on the subscriber freebie page, join the newsletter here)

How you do the Skittles Prayers

M & M printable prayer list great for Sunday School or American Heritage Girls working on the Girls in Prayer badge

This is super difficult, are you ready?

1. Pass out the Skittles Prayers printable. Cut out on the solid lines. When I did this with Princess’ American Heritage Girl troop, we cut them out and then glued them front to back to make it more durable.

2. Pass out the candy, warn the kids not to just cram the whole thing in their mouth. I know it’ll be hard.

3. Open the candy. I had them pour out two candies each to pray with.

4. Go around and pray the colors you poured out.

It’s that simple difficult.

Other ways you can use Skittles Prayers

Skittles prayers to send home great for Girls in Prayer Patch with American Heritage Girls

Obviously, these aren’t limited to use in Sunday School or Bible studies with large groups. I’m giving them to each of my kids as a way to encourage prayer. It’s a nice simple way to teach kids different ways to pray, which you guys know I’m a big fan of.

Do you have any suggestions of other ways to use Skittles prayers?

Free Skittles prayer printable for use with your Sunday School or homeschool Bible lesson

I’d love to hear them if you do.

OH WAIT! I just thought of another one. Hole punch both the sheet and the candy packet, and thread a ribbon through both of them, and pass them out as treats at a Trunk or Treat event.

More prayer ideas

Skittles prayers to send home after Halloween


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  1. Sheryl Smith Avatar
    Sheryl Smith

    Love this, I found it very useful

    1. Glad to hear that!

  2. I need the skittles prayer printable link please

    1. The prayer printable is available on the subscriber page you get the password when you sign up for the newsletter

  3. Love this idea

  4. Can’t wait to try this Sunday

  5. Hilary V Avatar
    Hilary V

    Could I please get the skittle prayer printable?
    Thank you!

    1. You have to subscribe to the newsletter to get the printable.

  6. Very cute ideas!

  7. How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

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  8. whitney Avatar

    how can I please get the skittles prayer print out???

    1. As I said in the post:
      Skittles Prayers printable (on the subscriber freebie page, join the newsletter here)

  9. Great idea! I will use it for my Sunday School class.

  10. Tabatha Weeks Avatar
    Tabatha Weeks

    I look forward to putting this in an Easter bag hand out in church on Easter Sunday!

  11. Dana Jefferson Avatar
    Dana Jefferson

    Wow, I Love these. I will be using them for our first Trunk or Treat this year. Thanks

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