Three Little Kittens lesson reading book and activity

Three Little Kittens

As I mentioned on Saturday, we read this super cute book The Five Little Kittens.  And that got me to thinking about our Nursery Rhyme book.   It’s sat long defunct, and I’ve missed doing the projects.  Bother, getting maudlin thinking of why I got derailed.  Okay, I remembered one of our earliest projects was a rendition of this, and I wanted to revisit it with a Three Little Kittens lesson.

Three Little Kittens lesson

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Three Little Kitten lesson craft supplies

printout (in my subscriber section, join my newsletter), paint, sand or glitter (and yes, this project did remind me why I never use glitter).

And FYI, this did not turn out like I had hoped, but that’s my own fault for letting them do it however they wanted.

Three Little Kitten craft steps

Three Little Kittens painting

Let your kid have a heyday painting the pictures (can you see where it started to go wrong?).

sprinkling sand on the Three Little Kittens craft

Sprinkle sand on the wet paint.  This acts like glue and keeps the sand on the pictures, making for a cool tactile feel.

And then in theory you cut out the pictures, and you have a super cute project.  IN reality, here’s what I got:

where the three little kittens craft went wrong

Lots and lots of paint blobs.  You can’t even really tell what the pictures were.  Oh well, I’ll try again next week, and post a revised version of it, hopefully with better results.

And if you’re wondering who the boy cat is, that’s the Daddy cat, who Batman said I had to have.  Then Superman added he needed to wear a Superman shirt. 

Three Little Kittens Craft try two

Hi! Future Ticia 2023 here, originally this was a second post and I realized, it is kind of nice to see what happened afterward and see how we tried it again.

Now back to Past Ticia 2010

Three Little Kittens craft supplies try two

still that printout, watercolor pencils, gluestick, scissors (I 100% buy scissors in bulk, someone is eating them), paintbrushes

 I got the kids all excited by picking up a set of watercolor pencils.

three little kittens craft two

If you’re not familiar with them, you draw just like normal pencils, and then you can get them damp with a wet paintbrush and it looks like you painted.

Well, once the kids figured out they could use paint brushes afterward they were all set to stop coloring right away and head right to the brush…….

And here are the end results. First here is what it looks like in my ideal world… You know where the kids make sense and perfect little creatures.

Three Little Kittens final craft

However that world does not exist, so I give you what actually happened.

final results of the three little kittens craft from kids

First is Batman’s, his is the top left, notice how the kids are all on top of each other.  That’s probably rather indicative of my house.  I have three wrestlers.

The next two are Superman’s, and I may be wrong on the boys.  I’d have to go back and look at the name on the books.  They covered up the parts that made them distinctive.  Superman took a long time drawing out his kitchen, and told me he had a spider table, and this is the oven, and all of these great details, and then he glued his people all over it.  It really cracked me up. Notice where he started adding the black.  I forget what he explained what it was.  I think that might be the smoke.

And then there was this horrible dragon attack, and I had to flee from Batman’s vicious pet dragon as he chased me through the kitchen, keeping me from taking any more useful pictures.

Finally, the vicious dragon was subdued and put back on his leash.  And Batman was momentarily mollified.  And I emphasize momentarily.

princess three little kittens project

Here is Princess’ proud work.  This is the best picture I could get thanks to a little monster, who shall remain nameless, let’s just say his name rhymes with Catman……..

And my picture session ended with the kids all climbing over each other to give me “jump hugs,” what’s that you ask?  Well, it’s where your child jumps at you from an average of three feet away with no warning expecting to be caught.  No really, that’s their plan.  And you wonder why we go to the ER so often.

And as a side note, we’ve been ER-free for almost 3 weeks now.  And I tamed the savage pre-schoolers by promising I would finish writing this and then go chase them around the house.  So, I’m off to get some “exercise.”  Tag counts as exercise, right?

Three Little Kittens lesson reading book and activity

Turning this into a Three Little Kittens Lesson

Okay, it’s all good and well to make this craft, and there is so much to learn from just coloring as you improve those fine motor skills, but here are some extensions for the Three Little Kittens:

  • Skip-counting by two, the kittens lose their mittens, each kitten will have two mittens, so work on skip-counting by two
  • Find the rhymes in the nursery rhyme
  • learn about cats, what do real cats eat
  • make a pie


16 responses to “Three Little Kittens”

  1. An Almost Unschooling Mom Avatar
    An Almost Unschooling Mom

    Well, it looks like they had a good time painting, anyway 🙂

  2. Christy Avatar

    I think it's great that you let them create however they want. I try to do that too, but once in a while I definitely want a specific outcome. My kids always have more fun when they can do whatever they want.

    I have wanted to do something with nursery rhymes for a while and for some reason it never happens. Do you have a list a mile long of things you want to do but never get to?

  3. MaryAnne Avatar

    Thanks for a laugh this morning =)

  4. April Avatar

    It might have came out with paint blobs but I'm sure they had fun! We love nursery rhymes here as well! We are doing Miss Mary Mack + Elefantes right now but I probably won't post until next week.

  5. Our Country Road Avatar
    Our Country Road

    He he! They look like something Charger would create. He is soooo into covering the entire page with color-2 or three colors right on top of each other. I never can tell what it was originally. I am sure your kiddos loved the project!

  6. Julie Avatar

    Funny! This is why I encourage use of crayons over markers and paint when I want to be able to actually see what they're coloring over! It looks like they had fun, though. And thanks for the printable!

  7. Hey- I got two words for you- GLITTER GLUE! (Sparkly fun with less mess…usually…)

  8. Felicity Avatar

    I've had a good laugh over this! I shudder at just the thought of paint!! I get much the same results too… but somehow I keep doing it.

  9. SANDRA Avatar

    Great ideas. I saw your earlier projects and adored the book you and the kids made. Sometimes, even with the best intentions we don't get the results we want but in the end the kids had fun and that's what counts. I perfer at times open ended art where I leave it up to the boys to make what they want.

  10. You may not know, but I bet they know what those paint blobs are. Fun!

  11. Kelly Avatar

    I love this post. I've been there with you! There are so many times I wonder “why didn't we…” only to remember, “oh, yeah…that's why”. I still think it was a great idea. I have to remind myself all the time that so many of our projects are about the process and our time together rather than the end result.

  12. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Avatar
    Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

    You are so funny Tish! 😉 Seriously I love reading your blog. Your children will never lack imagination or creativity.

  13. Brimful Curiosities Avatar
    Brimful Curiosities

    I think super daddy cat should get all the pie! Perhaps watercolor paint next time?

  14. JDaniel4's Mom Avatar
    JDaniel4’s Mom

    My son's Father's Day project look like this. Artwork filled with love and a lot of colors.

  15. Debbie Avatar

    But Mom, it is their art! I asked Selena to decorate a piece of paper yesterday to make a pinwheel, she drew a BIG H and that was all!

  16. Discovering Montessori Avatar
    Discovering Montessori

    Funny! Good for you for still posting the art. I have lots of art projects turn out just like this. The important part, they were able to explore different materials. The act of doing art is sometimes better than the art. I still think their work is fantastic!!

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