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  • 12 Spies bookmark craft

    12 Spies bookmark craft



    I was searching for a fun craft to do with my Sunday School class this Sunday. We’re finishing up our Exodus Unit with the 12 Spies lesson, and all of the crafts I could think of would not be popular with my current class, and then I saw a 12 spies bookmark craft on Pinterest,…

  • Bible Investigators Creation review

    Bible Investigators Creation review

    Way back in August, Danika emailed me saying she had a new book, Bible Investigators Creation, and asking if I would review it. The press release emphasized “puzzles and activities,” and that is exactly the type of Bible study I hated as a child because it felt insulting to my intelligence, and I always purposely…

  • Woven paper basket craft

    Woven paper basket craft

    This craft could be used in all sorts of lessons. I never followed through on having my kids weave a paper basket for history lessons, but it was on my to-do list at one point, especially when we were studying Colonial America. This could also make a great craft for a Bible lesson, this is…

  • Noah’s ark science lesson

    Noah’s ark science lesson

    Okay, so sometimes I come up with stupid ideas. The types of ideas you would never do in a Sunday School class, but would be a fun lesson in a private Christian school or as part of your homeschool. That’s how I came up with Noah’s ark science lesson. (there are affiliate links in here)…

  • Noah’s ark sensory bin

    Noah’s ark sensory bin

    If you are brave and you have a room where you can fill a sensory bin with water, then obviously Noah’s ark is the perfect time to have a water play sensory bin. However, for the vast majority of us, or it may not be the time of year to let kids get your kids…