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  • Are you ready to answer God’s call?  an Isaiah lesson

    Are you ready to answer God’s call? an Isaiah lesson

    I love to teach our Isaiah Sunday School lesson right before Christmas because so much of Isaiah is about Jesus, and many of the major christological (what do you mean that’s not a word spell check?) prophecies come from Isaiah’s book.   Last week we learned about the minor prophets Why teach an Isaiah lesson…

  • Minor prophets lesson

    Minor prophets lesson

    On Sunday Jeff taught the Minor Prophets lesson to our Sunday School class.  I was out in “the nature” enjoying the women’s retreat from my Mom’s church and having a totally enjoyable and refreshing weekend. Needless to say, my Bible lesson was not about the Minor Prophets. Meanwhile, Jeff and the other teacher had over…

  • Ezekiel lesson for kids

    Ezekiel lesson for kids



    I’m almost done with the prophets, only 2 more Sunday School lessons to post after this.  Tonight (when I’m writing this) I’m going to work on the Minor Prophets for Sunday, and then it’s Isaiah, and the Old Testament is done!  But for today the lesson is on Ezekiel. Timeline-wise I taught this right after…

  • Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream activities

    Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream activities



    Last week in Sunday School we learned all about the Fiery Furnace, and this week we’re going to learn about the dream that might have inspired the problems in the fiery furnace. Actually, if you want to get technical, Nebuchadnezzar didn’t have just one dream.  So it shouldn’t be Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream activities, it should be…

  • The Fiery Furnace Bible story

    The Fiery Furnace Bible story

    I was going to attempt to spell out all of the boys’ names, but quite honestly, they’re hard to spell, and it’s much easier to say Fiery Furnace Bible story when talking about this Sunday School lesson. This week I’m trying to get ahead of the game for my Sunday School class, so I’m getting…